White -collar goddess

Open the box: newly bought sexy underwear

As a white -collar goddess, in addition to work and life, sexy underwear is also one of my necessities.I just bought a few new sets of sexy underwear a few days ago. Today I will share with you my experience.

Sexy embroidery: black color sex lingerie set

This set of black sexy underwear set attracted me with its distinctive contrast and embroidered pattern.The chest uses a tulle lace, transparent and sexy; the hem part is black lace, with clear lines, showing women’s curves.

Sweet and cute: pink lace sexy underwear

The design of this pink lace sexy underwear is very cute.The pink color tone with soft lace gives a gentle feeling.The part of the bra is an overall pad, with exquisite lace lace, sweet and sexy.

Noble and gorgeous: European sexy underwear suit

The design of this European -style erotic underwear suit is very particular, and the degree of fineness can be seen in every detail.The bra is covered with a layer of silver sequins, which is even more eye -catching, elegant and noble.The lace lace on the hem is also very sophisticated, exquisite and delicate, adding gorgeousness.

Wildness: Animal pattern and sexy lingerie set

This set of animal pattern and sexy lingerie set is full of wildness and challenges.The dazzling leopard pattern is relatively set off with the black background, making the skin more fascinating.At the same time, the metal ring structure of the hem part adds more charming atmosphere.

Simple and generous: Black yarn sex underwear suit

This set of black gauze net sex underwear suits uses gauze and lace stitching fabrics, which look very simple and generous.The lower part of the bra is equipped with a triangular gauze net, which is very sexy; the straight line and square pattern of the hem part gives a sense of toughness.

Sexy and elegant: red lace sexy underwear

The design of this red lace sexy underwear makes me very satisfied.The overall is red tone. The bra is paired with a pad, which increases the fullness and sexuality of the chest; the lace lace on the hem part shows the charming side.Overall looks sexy and elegant.

Romantic fresh: pink color sex lingerie set

This set of pink pornographic underwear suits is like a touch of spring, fresh and natural.The main color is used as a whole, and the lace lace of the hem is also pink.In the bra, it is paired with a white fancy lace, which has a fresh feeling and a romantic taste.

Extremely simple: black lace sexy underwear

This black lace sexy underwear does not have much fancy design, but it is very sophisticated.The design concept of IVC is adopted to bring the visual center to the center of the clothes.The thickness of the bra, showing the chest shape just right.The lace part of the hem is clear and the charm of women.

High -quality: Red European sexy underwear suit

This red European sexy underwear suit is retro and gorgeous, extremely high -quality.The long strip design of the bras part of the bra is very conspicuous, adding shining light, and the lace lace of the hem part is also a very atmospheric European -style window flower design, showing the elegance and noble woman of women.

details make a difference

Judging from each set of sexy underwear introduced above, the designer adopts different design concepts and fabrics for different themes, and also pays great attention to the processing of each detail to achieve the ideal effect of the wearer.

Conclusion: Sexy underwear is an important weapon for women to show their charm

In many ways, sexy underwear is an important weapon for women to show their charm.Buying a sexy underwear that suits you can easily show your temperament and figure.At the same time, pay attention to the method and occasion that suits you, every detail of you will affect the impression and evaluation of others.

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