Which movie is wearing a fun sheet

Which movie is wearing a fun sheet


As a sexy equipment for women, sexy underwear often appears in film and television dramas.However, some erotic lingerie is unnatural and unnatural. It is not as straightforward as the body, and the seductive curve exudes under the coverage of the underwear.Today, we will take stock of some female images wearing sexy underwear in the movie to see which actors can better play the charm of sexy underwear.

"Rise of the Gorilla Ball"

In this science fiction film, the heroine Caesar’s spouse wore a set of black sexy lingerie, showing the perfect figure curve.This set of underwear specially admires women’s breasts. It uses deep V design to show up the large breasts and match a red shawl at the same time, which is more sexy.This sexy underwear perfectly shows the sexy and charm of women, and also makes the audience more appreciate the female body.

"Farewell My Concubine"

In the movie "Farewell My Concubine", the protagonist Cheng Dieyi (Zhang Fengyi) was the final drama, wearing a set of red sexy underwear, and performed on the stage.Although Cheng Dieyi in the film is a male -dressed role, this set of underwear she dressed in is very sexy and beautiful.There is no too much pattern in this set of underwear. It uses a simple design to highlight the temperament and charm of the characters.

"Fatal Temptation"

This movie starring Mickey Douglas and Sharon Stone has a hot and passionate drama wearing red and sexy underwear.This set of underwear uses ultra -thin satin fabrics, as if wearing it, as if not.More importantly, this set of interesting underwear highlights the figure of women, which is irresistible.

"Sexual Supreme"

This movie is a comedy film, and there are many sexy underwear in the film.But the most famous plot is that the two heroines wore sexy underwear to entertain guests. The two wearing explosive underwear, which showed the curvature of the chest, and the whole scene was very tempting.

"Last Seduction"

The film starring in this film is William Dafu and Kevin Stanxi. The love entanglement of the two men is unforgettable.In the movie, the heroine Marie Starip wore a black sex underwear, showing the perfect chest curve and slender leg outline in an exciting scene.

"American School 2"

This movie is an American youth comedy. There is a climax of the actor and girlfriend. The heroine wears a set of black sexy lingerie. The underwear is designed with silk fabrics and lace lace, which perfectly shows the femininity and sexy of women.


This film tells the tragedy and love of a pair of lover. In the film, the heroine is waiting for a lover in a pajamas to set off a faint sexy.The lace and lace on the pajamas give people a gentle and soft feeling, which makes people feel the other side of the sexy underwear -softness and warmth.

"Love of Hawthorn Tree"

The heroine in the movie wore a set of light blue sex underwear and a coat of the same color.This set of underwear is very fresh and matches the image of the heroine.Although this set of fun underwear is not much tricks, she shows the ladylike sexy and charm, which is even more special.

"Sleepless in Seattle"

This film mainly tells the story of a sister and brother love each other. Among them, the heroine Fullara wore a transparent erotic pajamas and appeared in the dream of the actor Tom.Fun pajamas wear on the heroine, reflecting the noble and elegant women, full of seductive temptation.

"Lost World"

There is a scene in this movie. The heroine wore a black and sexy underwear to welcome the "invasion" of the actor.This erotic underwear uses a very simple design, there is no extra pattern, but perfectly outlines the perfect figure curve of the heroine, letting the audience dump.


The female character image wearing a sexy underwear in the movie shows a variety of sexy beauty.Some erotic underwear design is simple to make women confidently show their bodies; some erotic underwear uses rich colors and texture to make women look more sexy.Wearing erotic underwear is not only a sexy experience, but also a self -expression.For each woman, in fashion, reasonable matching sex underwear can make women more unique and beautiful.

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