Which companies are doing sexy underwear

Which companies are doing sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special product in modern people’s lives. Many people think that it is a symbol of satisfaction and quality of life.So, which companies do sex underwear?Next, we will introduce you to some sexy underwear brands.

1. European and American brands

European and American brand sexy underwear is a model of quality and cost -effectiveness. At present, it has a high reputation in the Chinese market, mainly because of its excellent workmanship and unique design.For example, Victoria’s secrets, lace girls, Cartelina, etc.

2. Asian brand

The sexy underwear market in Asian countries is also very developed.Due to affordable prices, the sexy underwear of Asian brands is becoming more and more popular with consumers.For example, PEACH JOHN, Sabrina, Meihua Sweet, etc. in Japan.

3. Domestic brand

In the domestic market, there are more and more interesting underwear brands.Among them, the products on well -known domestic group purchase websites are also sought after by consumers, such as Taobao, JD.com, Jumei Youpin.

4. Personal original brand

The original brand is a more popular sex lingerie brand in recent years, which is particularly loved by consumers.Its design style is novel, sexy and charming while also paying attention to comfort and health.For example, self -made, Bettis Taylor, etc.

5. Local brand

Local brands are a more popular sexy underwear brand in the Chinese market. It is characterized by the characteristics of the domestic market to develop sexy underwear suitable for Chinese people.For example, Huaxin, printing, and flesh are good local brands.

6. Factory direct sales brand

Factory direct -selling brands are also an emerging sexy underwear brand in recent years. This brand is characterized by the price very affordable and has a very good reputation in niche consumption occasions.For example, item, Europe, Europe, Jacilla, etc.

7. Non -commercial brand

Non -commercial brands are a non -profitable or non -business purpose of sexy underwear brands. Although this brand is relatively high in the market, because of its high quality and cost, it is loved by consumers.For example, Azulina, Dream of Saint Rui, etc.

8. The main functional brand

The main functional brand is a sexy underwear brand that combines application and cost -effectiveness as a selling point. It mainly manifested in design that starts to pay more attention to comfort and firmness.For example, Yajia Mia, Fairy Dream, etc.

9. Headline Internet celebrity brand

The headline Internet celebrity brand refers to its well -developed communication platform on the Internet, so it is called the headline net red brand.Although this brand is relatively high in the market, it has been sought after by many consumers because of its extensive influence on the Internet.For example, BBISS, lookylooky, Wonderfeel, etc.

10. Toys self -made brand

Toys self -made brands refer to the characteristics of DIY, assembling and designing their favorite sexy underwear brands, which are very personalized. This brand does not have much mature record in the market, so it is necessary to search and purchase materials by themselves.

The above is some of the sexy underwear brands we introduce. Each brand has its unique characteristics to meet the needs of different people. You can choose a brand that suits you.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is not the more expensive, but to make a choice according to personal needs.

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