Which brand of Jingdong sex underwear is good

A brand overview

With the development of the times, sexy underwear is no longer a dedicated product for a few people.Nowadays, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the beauty and sexuality of underwear.As one of the domestic first -class e -commerce platforms, JD.com has many erotic underwear brands.Let ’s take a look at the most popular underwear brands in JD.com.

Queen’s secret

Queen’s Secret is a sexy underwear brand founded by Estée Lauder in the United States, which has been promoted to the world since 1998.The Queen’s Secret series of underwear not only has a noble and luxurious design, but also combines fashion, sexy and comfort.Queen’s Secret on JD.com is also one of the popular brands.

Leg avue

In the European and American markets, LEG Avenue is called a "Carmen strap" underwear brand.In China, Leg Avenue’s sexy underwear is mainly used in different styles of jumpsuits and lace. At the same time, it has European and American sexy.Compared to other brands, Leg Avenue looks more high -end and is loved by some young people with some consumption concepts.

LoveLive! Sunshine !!

LoveLive! Sunshine !! It is a sexy underwear brand from Japan, which is launched with unique "brand characteristics every year.LoveLive! Sunshine !! The sexy underwear focuses on a more lovely direction, often using Japanese two -dimensional element as a source of design inspiration.If you like Japanese style and want to choose a cute sexy underwear, then LoveLive! Sunshine !! will be your good choice.


Anlan is a sexy underwear brand from Shanghai, which has learned the cute elements of European and American style and Japan and South Korea.Anlan’s underwear style is refreshing and exquisite, and at the same time, there is no lack of strong sexy elements.On JD, Anlan is also one of the popular brands that are loved by users.


However, it is a sex underwear brand under Jiangsu Xiaolin Clothing Group Co., Ltd., with the purpose of quality, innovation and fashion.With the body and demand of Asian women as the main market, it has designed a variety of product lines, including a variety of style of sexy underwear such as bikini and lace bra.At the same time, JD.com ’s foreign brands are also popular.

Sweet Angel

Sweet Angel is a sexy underwear brand derived from South Korea.It is mainly popular in the market in a sweet, cute and sexy style.Sweet Angel’s sexy underwear is not only unique in design, but also the fabric is also made of high -end materials, and it has been done in detail.If you want to find a sexy underwear with Korean and Japanese elements, Sweet Angel is a good choice.

Huazi Pavilion

Huazi Pavilion is a sexy underwear brand focusing on women’s underwear.It is mainly comfortable and affordable, and it also has a wealth of product lines.On JD, Huazi Pavilion is rich in style and often has preferential activities, which has been loved by female users.


Farootsh is a sexy and quality of sexy underwear brand with both fashion and sexy and quality.Its unique design sense comes from brand professional design teams and high -quality materials.Farootsh’s sexy underwear is not only suitable for women with clothes, but also a large number of products for special occasions, such as nightclub carnival, cosplay, etc., which are very popular.


In general, there are many sexy underwear brands on JD, and each brand has its unique design and style.Different brands are suitable for different needs, so you must choose according to factors such as your body, taste and occasion when choosing.The most important thing is that while choosing, we must also pay attention to quality and comfort, so as to wear comfort and safety.I hope that the above brands are recommended to help the majority of consumers and make your shopping more convenient.

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