Which area of sexy underwear

Fun underwear popular area analysis

As one of the important sexy and fashionable menstrual items in modern times, sexy underwear has become an important equipment for the majority of women to show personal charm.Different areas have different aesthetics and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, in different regions, the popularity and style of sexy underwear will be different.

Southeast Asia: Different innovation and diversification

Southeast Asia is open, especially in Thailand, Singapore and other countries. Sexual concepts are relatively free.In these areas, the style of sexy underwear is more diversified, involving the characteristics of different cultural backgrounds and races. The design is very unique, fully showing a sense of trendy fashion.

Japan and South Korea region: prefer fresh literary style

In Japan and South Korea, the design style of sexy underwear is biased towards the quality of fresh literature and art. They usually have cute flowers, bows and other female charm characteristics.At the same time, these designs are usually relatively simple and generous, showing the fashion style of Japan and South Korea.

North America: Bold, Sexy

In North America, the design of sexy underwear focuses on sexy and bold ways.There, women not only have the right to show their charm and physical beauty, but also happy to make full use of various sexy lingerie styles and colors.In the North American market, common sexy lingerie styles include gorgeous stockings and strap bras. They are large in size and are targeted at women’s groups with plump figures.

European region: mature, elegant, noble

In Europe, the market positioning of sexy underwear has risen into a high -quality, elegant, and mature definition.These styles are usually pursuing simple, atmospheric and noble design styles. In a natural beauty such as Europe, they hope to highlight the more slender, curve beauty and sexy texture, but also more taste.

South America: sexy wild, pursuing personalized creation

In South America, sexy underwear is widely used. The women’s sexy, free, and performance desires here. Therefore, they like some storytelling sexy underwear. These underwear styles are often designed as some animals or gods.Unrestrained, especially full of South American style.At the same time, the fun underwear here also attaches more importance to the innovation of personalized elements.

Central Asian region: approachable, practical and durable

In Central Asia, women’s demand for sexy underwear is very practical.They often need to wear some sexy clothes, and these clothes are also suitable for various scenes and environments.Therefore, the sexy underwear design and product production here focuses on practicality, approachable and durable, and the pieces are relatively simple, and the texture is as considering comfort as much as possible.

African region: showing tradition and mystery

In Africa, the design style of sexy underwear is inseparable from the culture of various countries.Here, sexy underwear is more regarded as a item related to tradition and primitive culture, representing mystery, mystery and stable power.Therefore, the design of sexy underwear will highlight the beauty of traditional culture in various countries, and especially emphasize the characteristics of various ethnic elements.

Oceania area: fashion, comfort, IKEA

In the Oceania area, sexy underwear must ensure both fashion and pay attention to the comfort of the product for women. They often bring a certain family element.Here, designers pay attention to product quality and workmanship, but also pay attention to communication and communication between female friends and families.

Middle East: Follow the breath, elegant and luxurious

In the Middle East, women’s aesthetics are different from other countries and regions. The design of sexy underwear here takes into account the characteristics of various details and atmosphere.Therefore, the sexy underwear here pays more attention to fitting the breath, showing the fiber and elegance of women as much as possible.In particular, pay more attention to noble materials and workmanship.

Asian region: traditional and modern coexistence, focus on color beauty

In Asia, the style of sexy underwear usually combines modern and traditional elements, and some flexible cuts and colors are also added.At the same time, these underwear styles focus on color beauty, and on the basis of ensuring beauty, further show the sexy and beautiful characteristics of women.In addition, the fun underwear style here pays more attention to practicality and vacation, and explains the fashion style of lifestyle and personality.


Each region’s sexy lingerie style has its own unique characteristics and popular trends.These trends are not only influenced by factors such as local culture, religion, gender, and society, but also closely related to popular fashion.Therefore, if you want to be a person who knows how to buy sexy underwear, you need to make more understanding of the culture and markets of different regions.On this basis, you can better understand various types of sexy underwear, and choose the style that suits you best.Based on local, open and open Zhang Yang is the virtue of women’s beauty.

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