Where to put the sexy underwear at home

Interest underwear is a special dress that makes people feel sexy and hot. Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to beautiful and visual effects, making the wearer more attractive and tempting.But the problem is, and the sexy underwear is not like ordinary clothing in the wardrobe. So, where should the sexy underwear do not put it home?Let’s discuss several questions in several aspects.

1. Hanging in the wardrobe

Hanging is the most traditional way of placement, and it is also a better way to place it in the wardrobe.You can use a special sexy underwear suspension. This suspension rack has a certain dustproof function to avoid turning yellow from the dust from the dust.

2. Put in drawers

Some people like to put sexy underwear in a drawer, so as to avoid the invasion of dust and bacteria, and better protect the material of the underwear.It should be noted that the sexy underwear in the drawer is best to place the classification of other categories to avoid squeezing the underwear of different materials, causing friction with each other.

3. Hanging on the wall

If you have enough space, you may wish to consider hanging sexy underwear on the wall. This will not only make you choose underwear more conveniently, but also make your bedroom more stylish and individual.While hanging sexy underwear on the wall, it can also add fun to your sex life.

4. Put it in the box

Some people like to put sexy underwear in the storage box, so that the underwear can be avoided to the greatest extent.However, you should also choose a storage box with good breathability, soft material, and no odor to avoid pollution to underwear.

5. Put in the fabric cabinet

The fabric cabinet can store all kinds of clothing, not only to store sex underwear, but also other clothing.Different from the suspension method and in the drawer, the fabric cabinet can provide greater storage space, which is easier to store a number of sexy lingerie.

6. High temperature sterilization

When I was a child, my mother often disinfected my clothes with my brother in a high -temperature sterilization method. This method can now be used on the disinfection of sexy underwear.Putting sex underwear in a high -temperature disinfection cabinet can completely kill the remaining bacteria on the underwear and make your sexy underwear more hygienic and healthy.

7. DIY drying rack

Some sexy underwear is thick and soft, and cannot be stored with a suspension frame. Therefore, you can consider making a special drying rack for sexy underwear. Depending on the materials, you can use different methods to fix and suspend the suspension.

8. Stay with ordinary clothes

If there are many ordinary underwear, you may wish to store sexy underwear with ordinary underwear, but it should be noted that underwear with different materials is best to store separately to avoid rubbing each other.

in conclusion:

The storage of sexy underwear is very focused, which can give people a certain degree of protection and beauty.For the storage and placement of sexy underwear, you should choose according to the material, size and your own usage of sexy underwear.In addition, you should also pay attention to daily cleaning and disinfection work, and provide a more hygienic, healthy and pleasant environment around yourself.

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