Where to buy physical underwear

Where to buy physical underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy, irritating underwear category, and many women like to try.These underwear have various styles and materials, which can meet the needs of different people.Because these underwear is generally not suitable for wearing in the public, many people choose to buy in a physical store.So where can I buy physical underwear?The following will be introduced for you.

1. Sexual store

Sexual stores are a major place for buying sexy underwear.These stores often provide various sexual products, including sexy underwear, adult toys, and so on.Go to these stores to buy, you can personally feel the texture and style of sexy underwear in order to better choose the style that suits you.In addition, buying sexy underwear at sex stores can also obtain professional consultation with sexual supplies, which is very useful for those who need to be guided.

2. Department Store

In addition to sex stores, department stores are also a major place for buying sexy underwear.Many well -known brands have counters at department stores. You can go to the counter to learn about underwear styles and prices, and then choose your favorite.Especially for cute, sweet and other style of sexy underwear, department stores will provide more choices.

3. Online mall

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to shop online.You can also buy sexy underwear in online malls such as Taobao, JD.com, so that you can choose your favorite underwear style at home.Pay attention to whether the size, material and color of the product meet their own requirements on online shopping.If you are not sure if you are consistent with the picture size on the webpage, it is recommended to consult the seller before buying.

4. Spring products store

In addition to sex stores, sexy shops are also a choice for buying sexy underwear.These stores generally provide various supplies, including adult toys, sexy underwear, and so on.Different from sex stores, sexy stores pay more attention to the design of underwear. Many underwear styles are more unique and suitable for those who are pursuing personalized.If you have a special need for underwear design and irritating fun, you can consider going to the sex shop.

5. Clothing store

In addition to department stores, traditional clothing stores also provide some style of sexy underwear.These underwear styles are more cute and sweet, suitable for daily wear and clothing.If you want to choose some simple, low -key, and personalized sexy underwear, you can find it in a clothing store.

6. Cosmetic beauty shop

Some cosmetic beauty shops also provide sexy underwear sales.This is because many underwear brands have positioned underwear as health clothing, and they are increasingly recognized and welcomed by people such as beauty, bodies.Go to these shops, you can choose from many aspects such as size, fabric, color and other aspects to suits your underwear.

7. Fashion gift shop

Some fashion gift shops specially provide sexy, retro and other sexy underwear, which are often sought after by fashion enthusiasts.Therefore, if you want to buy some unique and fashionable sexy underwear, you can go to these stores.

8. Personal customized underwear shop

If your preferred erotic underwear cannot be bought on the market, or you have unique design requirements, you can go to some personal design customized underwear shops.These shops can tailor a dedicated underwear according to your needs and requirements to cater to your preferences and styles. It can be used in design and quality.


In general, there are more channels for buying sexy underwear.If you are pursuing actual feelings, you can go to sex stores, department stores or sexual products stores.If you are more sensitive to size and style, you can choose an online mall.The most important thing is that no matter which way you choose, remember to meet your needs and pursue the style and quality that suits you.

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