Where is the fun underwear and not coding

Where is the fun underwear and not coding

Nowadays, more and more women choose to wear fun underwear to flirt and increase interest.However, many women want to try to try their own clothes, but they dare not buy on Taobao. Why?It’s very simple, because many erotic underwear pictures are mosaic, which is not convenient for women to buy.Actually, how can you not be coded with interesting underwear?Below, let’s discuss it together.

1. You can go to the physical store to buy

As one of the most intimate private things in women, the style and size of sexy underwear are more personalized. The sexy lingerie style of physical stores is more abundant, the quality of the fabric is guaranteed, and it is recommended to go to the physical store.

2. You can buy the official website of the brand

In order to allow consumers to better understand the products, the official website of the sexy lingerie brand will not only show multiple photos and clearly display the internal structure on the website. At the same time, the official website can also achieve real one -stop shopping.

3. Online professional sexy underwear platform can be purchased

Many professional sexy underwear platforms now provide women to buy sex pictures that do not play mosaic underwear.You can choose pictures with physical shooting when buying, or to display more intuitive sexy underwear effects.

4. Look at the mosaic from another angle

Mosaic is not necessarily the "culprit". Sometimes some pictures of sexy underwear are too exposed, and mosaic can retain the privacy of women.

5. You can ask the seller for real pictures

In order to protect their interests and the privacy of users, some sellers will use mosaic methods.However, for women who want to really solve the affectionate underwear, they can directly ask the seller to take real pictures to better understand the effect of affectionate underwear.

6. Choose regular channels to buy

It is very important to choose a formal sexy underwear sales channel for purchase. This is not only to protect interests, safe and health, but also get more intimate services.Some WeChat merchants selling interesting underwear on WeChat often do not have enough qualifications, and product quality cannot be guaranteed.

7. Understand your body size

Before buying sexy underwear, understand your body size, so you can better choose the style and size that suits you.At the same time, choosing the right sexy underwear is beneficial to promoting blood circulation and protecting breast health.

8. See popularity

On Tmall, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms, they can be selected based on popularity to buy popular and highly praised products.

9. Look at more comments

When buying sexy underwear when e -commerce platforms, look at other people’s comments. If the evaluation is mostly praised or mostly evaluated, the quality of the product is still guaranteed.

10. Choose a style that suits you

The last suggestion is to choose a style that suits you.Women need to choose from personal habits and preferences in terms of tailoring, materials, and use.

In summary, although there are some erotic underwear pictures with mosaics, there are many channels and methods that can solve this problem, and for women, understanding their sizes and preferences, and buying sexy underwear in regular places can be safer and assured.

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