What machines do I need for sex underwear

The machine -oriented trend of the sex underwear industry

With the continuous progress of technology, more and more industries have begun to get involved in machinery production.The sexy underwear industry is no exception.Now, sexy underwear manufacturers cooperate with machine manufacturers who master advanced production technology to use various machines to improve production efficiency and quality.

1. Automatic tailoring machine

Automatic tailoring machine is a machine controlled by a computer that can cut various fabrics, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency and accuracy.The use of automatic tailoring machines can reduce waste and cost without reducing quality.

2. Automatic palletizer

Automatic palletizer has the functions of automatic extraction, arrangement and stacking boxes, which can reduce the weight of workers on the production line and improve work efficiency.It can effectively reduce the accumulation and chaos of sexy underwear and improve quality and speed.

3. Sewing machine

Sewing machine is an indispensable machine on the sex underwear production line.Most sexy underwear manufacturers use automatic sewing machines that can process various materials, including thin, soft and rough materials.

4. Fine embroidery machine

Fine embroidery machines can embroider various patterns and patterns on sexy underwear.These machines can embroidery many attractive patterns with different lines and colors.The use of automated embroidery machines can improve production efficiency and reduce waste.

5. Quickly iron the machine

Quickly ironing machines can improve work efficiency and improve quality during the process of sexy underwear manufacturing.This machine can be flattened in a few seconds without waste of time and energy.

6. Pre -retractable

The pre -reduction machine is mainly used for pre -reduction of cotton and cotton -mixed textiles.Adopting a pre -reduction machine can reduce the contraction problems when using and cleaning sexy underwear, and improve the consistency and quality of the product.

7. Automatically put on the mouth

The automatic port machine can automatically install various accessories on the production line, such as: buttons and hooks.This machine can reduce the labor intensity of the operator and improve the consistency and quality of the product.

8. Quality inspection machine with sensors

A quality inspection machine with a sensor is a machine that automatically performs a series of quality inspection steps on the production line according to the requirements.This machine can check the elasticity, size and appearance of sexy underwear to ensure the consistency and quality of the product.

9. Quick packaging machine

Quick packaging machines can be packed quickly and accurately after the sexy underwear is manufactured.This machine can automatically fold and packaged sexy underwear and packaged, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing delivery time.

10. Automatic cleaning machine

Automatic cleaning machine is a machine that can automatically clean and sterilize sexy underwear.It can greatly improve the cleaning process and efficiency, thereby shortening time and improving efficiency.Using automatic cleaning machines can also reduce the cost required for manual cleaning.

With the increasing application of machines in sexy underwear manufacturing, more and more underwear manufacturers have achieved automated production.The machine -based production process can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce time and cost, and also ensure the consistency and quality of the product.Although it requires higher equipment and maintenance costs, as scientific and technological progress and manufacturing costs have declined, many manufacturers are still considering a mechanized production method.

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