What kind of sexy underwear should I wear 32C

What is a 32C size?

Before understanding what erotic underwear should be worn by 32C, let’s first understand what is 32C size.32C refers to the size of the upper bust of 32 inches and a 27 inches of the lower bust.This size is suitable for women with medium size in the chest.

Sexy lingerie

What is the sexiest sexy underwear in 32C?We recommend choosing sexy underwear of perspective style or hollow design.The sexy underwear of the perspective style will show the contour of the chest to the fullest, while the hollow design can increase a touch of mystery.


For women with 32C, you can try to wear some more exaggerated bras, such as ultra -thick clustering models or big breast pads.These styles can make the chest look fuller and more curved.

No marine underwear

For some non -marking wear needs, we recommend choosing non -marked underwear.Warraric underwear can get rid of the problems such as back fat lines and sling holes caused by tights, which appears to be thinner.


For some occasions that need to be wearing underwear, 32C women can choose some simple design briefs or flat pants. The style can be more concise.Do not choose styles with poor embroidery, lace or scalability.

Adult sexy underwear

For couples who want to increase interest, we recommend choosing some sexy and charming adult sexy underwear.For example, the elements such as transparent silk, lace trim, and bow are all good choices to increase interest.

Shoulder strap style

For women with 32C, choosing a wide shoulder strap can disperse the pressure of the shoulder to make the wearer more comfortable.It is not recommended to choose a fine shoulder strap, because the fine shoulder strap is not only easy to leak out of the shoulder fat, but it will hurt after a long period of time.

Material selection

The material of the underwear is very important for the comfort of wearing.For 32C women, the material of the underwear is mainly soft and breathable. It is recommended to choose cotton, silk and other physical and comfortable materials.

Appropriate size

Finally, you should also remind everyone that you must wear appropriate size.Private customization or professional measurement of underwear is recommended. This can ensure the appropriate level of wear and double the sexy charm of 32C women.

In general, for women with 32C, sexy and comfortable are the main focus of choosing sexy underwear. Choosing charm elements such as perspective and hollowing can make charming and sexy dual reflections.

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