What kind of movie what kind of courier little brother’s sexy underwear

What kind of movie what kind of courier little brother’s sexy underwear


Express delivery has become a common way of working, and the courier buddies have also entered our lives.However, have you ever thought about which movies will the courier buddies watch?Especially about sexy underwear?Next, let’s take a look at the sexy underwear movies of the courier buddies.

"American Pie"

This film tells a group of youthful stories of American high school students. There is a classic party scene. The actor and his friends try to put on women’s sexy underwear to realize their "sexual wishes".Although the content of this movie is slightly "vulgar", it has a high popularity among young people.

"A Beautiful Mind"

The film tells the life of John Forbes Nash. The Nobel Prize winner was a mathematician, but in him, we found the revelation of sexy underwear.Nash saw a young woman wearing sexy underwear at a party. This scene inspired his inspiration and laid the foundation for his next mathematical research.

"Little Miss Sunshine"

This movie is a movie nominated by Oscar, telling the story of a six -year -old girl participating in the Miss American beauty pageant.In this movie, the girl’s father strongly opposed her daughter’s performance of sexy underwear to perform on stage, but in the end, the girl perfectly completed the performance with the support of the entire family.

"In the Realm of the Senses"

This movie is an erotic movie, telling the passionate love story between couples.There are many erotic underwear in the film, especially when the heroine communicates with the actor when wearing a sexy underwear, full of sexy atmosphere.

Casablanca (Casablanca)

Although this movie does not have a lot of erotic underwear scenes, it has done very well in emotion and love.In the film, the heroine’s style is very classic, and it has become an important reference for later sexy underwear design.


This is a romantic love film in Thailand. With its fiery release, sexy underwear has also begun to be well known in Thailand.In the film, the heroine’s sexy lingerie is very particular about wearing, and it has become a fashion matching inspiration for many people.

"The Grandmaster)

This movie is a martial arts movie, but there is no lack of sexy underwear.In this movie, the heroine wearing a sexy underwear showed another temperament and added the mystery of the movie.

"Itazura Na Kiss)

This is a touching Japanese TV series, telling the love story that spans time and space between the heroine and the actor.In the film, the heroines often wear different styles of sexy underwear, which also inspires many Japanese girls to try new elements in daily wear.

"The Shawshank Redemption)

This is a wonderful criminal movie. Although sexy underwear is not the theme of the movie, it is difficult to ignore that in the movie, the heroine wearing sexy underwear in the movie inadvertently shows the beauty and charm of women.


Through the above -mentioned movie introduction, we can see that the wearing of sexy underwear played a different role in the movie. Sometimes it is a symbol of sexy, sometimes it is a fashionable inspiration, and sometimes it can show women.Charm and beauty.All in all, in daily life, we can try different erotic underwear to wear different sexy lingerie according to our preferences and occasions.

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