What kind of evidence is required to open a lot of fun underwear

What kind of evidence is required to open a lot of fun underwear

In recent years, the demand for erotic underwear in the market has been increasing and has become a popular product.As an e -commerce platform such as Pinduoduo, it can be said to meet market demand on sale.However, for sellers, what documents do I need to pay attention to in sexy underwear?Below, we will answer them one by one.

business license

First of all, Pinduoduo e -commerce platform requires sellers to conduct business license certifications in accordance with the relevant documents and management regulations of Pinduoduo.Therefore, sellers who sell sexy underwear first need to ensure that their business license has been certified.Only by passing the certified sellers can we sell goods on Pinduoduo.

Production License

Secondly, when the seller is put on a sexy underwear, it also needs to provide a corresponding production license.The main role of this document is to confirm whether the manufacturer of sexy underwear has a formal qualification and whether it is legal and compliant.This is also in line with the purpose of protecting consumer rights.

Test Report

When the seller is put on a sexy underwear, it needs to provide the corresponding test report.The test report needs to be issued by the national authoritative inspection agencies, and it needs to contain multiple items such as the name, specifications, models, materials, uses, safety requirements, inspection methods of sexy underwear.The accuracy of this information is the key to protecting consumer rights.

Trademark registration certificate

The trademark registration certificate is also one of the documents required by the seller to set up a sexy underwear.Under the action of the trademark registration certificate, the sexy underwear sold by the seller is formal and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Export right certificate

For sellers who import erotic underwear from overseas, they need to provide import and export rights.The role of this certificate is to prove whether the sex underwear sold by the seller is imported through regular channels and complies with the regulations of Chinese customs.

Inspection and quarantine certificate

Sellers of imported erotic underwear also need to provide inspection and quarantine certificates.This proof can prove that the goods sold meet the requirements of inbound quarantine, and there are no factors that endanger human and animal health.

Tax registration certificate

Pinduoduo also asked the seller to provide a tax registration certificate.Sellers selling sexy underwear can pay taxes while paying taxes with other products.In 2019, the state has also updated the tax policy of cross -border e -commerce, and sellers need to provide corresponding certification documents to prove the policy.


Because the sexy underwear itself has a strong privacy, when the seller is put on the sex underwear, he needs to sign a confidentiality agreement to strictly protect the purchaser’s privacy.


As an e -commerce platform that attaches great importance to consumer rights, Pinduoduo has proposed the corresponding documents and regulations to the seller’s sexy underwear.These requirements can not only protect consumers’ right to know and health, but also make consumers more assured to buy sexy underwear.Therefore, when the seller is put on a sexy underwear, it needs to strictly abide by the regulations of Pinduoduo and provide corresponding documents to protect consumers’ rights and interests.

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