What is the fun underwear worn by men

What is the fun underwear worn by men

In the past concepts, erotic underwear is just the exclusive of women.However, men are now wearing sexy underwear.Men’s wearing sexy underwear gives a mysterious and sexy feeling, which can not only strengthen the feelings between couples, but also increase the fun of sex.This article will introduce how to use the sexy underwear worn by men.

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

Men must first choose a suitable style to wear sexy underwear.There are different types of erotic underwear suitable for different occasions and figures.For example, if men with six packs of abdominal muscles can selectively sexy suspenders, if men with less developed chests can choose underwear with thick pads or fake bras.

2. The size must be appropriate

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size problem.Too small size can cause men to discomfort and affect the effect of use. Excessive size will affect the beauty of sexy underwear.Therefore, you must be careful when selecting the size.

3. clever match

When men wear sexy underwear, they can cleverly match clothes to create a mysterious and sexy atmosphere.For example, wearing a suit jacket at the party and black velvet underwear inside will make people feel a little playful.

4. Washing of sexy underwear

Men’s fun underwear also needs to be cleaned. It is recommended to use hand washing instead of machine washing.Use neutral detergent during cleaning, rinse water, do not dehydrate and dry, and dry it in a ventilated place.

5. Hip and waist design

The hip and waist design of sexy underwear is very important.You should choose a suitable belt and hip elasticity to ensure comfortable and close your body.The design of the hip and waist also affects the comfort of sex and the beauty of sexy underwear.

6. Choose the right color and material

When men wear sexy underwear, the color and material also need to consider carefully.The color should be selected according to your skin and situation. The commonly used colors are black, white, red and gray.Materials should choose soft, comfortable and breathable fabrics.

7. Use sex toys

Interest underwear can be used with sex toys, bringing freshness and excitement to sex life.For example, men can use sex toys, such as handcuffs, eye masks, etc. After wearing sexy underwear, making sex more exciting.

8. Choose suitable occasions

Men should also be suitable for wearing sexy underwear.For example, it is appropriate to use it between private couples, but wearing sexy underwear in formal occasions or with strangers is a bit inappropriate.

9. Build the trust with your partner

The trust between sexy underwear and partners is also very critical.When wearing fun underwear, men must be frank and thoughtful to their partners, communicate more, try more, try to build each other’s trust.

10. Appreciation and enjoyment

In the end, the process of men wearing sexy underwear is not only to increase the fun of sex, but also the process of appreciation and enjoying them.In the process of appreciation and enjoyment, men can better show their sexy and charm.

Conclusion: Men wearing fun underwear is not only to increase sexual fun, but also to appreciate and enjoy them.By choosing the right style, size, color and material, and cleverly matching and cleaning sexy lingerie, men can show their sexy and charm more during sex.At the same time, men should pay attention to the choice of occasion and build the trust of the occasion when wearing fun underwear, so that sex will be more harmonious and beautiful.

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