What is sexy underwear men’s model


The word erotic underwear originated from the West. With the continuous development of sexual culture, it has gradually become a part of fashion in China.Women’s sexy lingerie styles are full of people’s hearts, and men’s sex lingerie is more strange.Today, let’s learn about what kind of sexy underwear is considered a men’s model.


The material of men’s sex lingerie is very important, and it determines the quality and fit of the underwear.There are three types of materials that are usually selected:

Cotton: sweat absorption and breathable, suitable for daily wear;

Silk: smooth and comfortable, suitable for sex occasions;

Fiber: Elasticity, suitable for tight -fitting styles.


There are many styles of men’s sexy underwear.

Broa trousers: One of the most traditional men’s underwear, suitable for ordinary daily wear;

Plane trousers: comfortable, loose and not lost, suitable for daily wear;

Through pants: very sexy and exposed, suitable for wearing in sex;

Cortex: Sexy and handsome and realistic, suitable for role -playing.


Men’s sexy lingerie color is more single than women, but there are still certain choices:

Black: Classic good match, suitable for any occasion;

White: clean and refreshing, suitable for daily wear;

Red: full of passion, suitable for sex occasions;

Gold: shiny luxury, suitable for weddings or special festivals.


The sexy level of men’s sexy underwear can be said to be the key to everything, and the too conservative design obviously lost its meaning.

Moderate sexy: It is more comfortable for wearers, but it is not full of tension, suitable for general occasions;

Delow meat is sexy: it will be slightly uncomfortable for the wearer, but it is full of magic, suitable for sex occasions with higher demand;

Bold and sexy: It is more stressful for wearers, but it also has greater gains, suitable for occasions with very high sexuality requirements.


In addition to sexy, the comfort of men’s erotic underwear is also very important. After all, no matter what, uncomfortable dressing will not be liked.

Moderate tights: Wearing tight styles is relatively comfortable, but it cannot be too tight, otherwise it will be itchy and unbearable;

Loose and comfortable: suitable for ordinary daily wear, more comfortable and loose;

Choose material: Select good breathability, soft and comfortable material, which is more suitable for men’s sexy underwear.

Way of matching

Men’s sexy lingerie is also very important. It is necessary to consider the fit of the underwear style and the style of external wearing.

Jeans: more versatile, suitable for various types of men’s sexy underwear;

Positive pants: more stable, suitable for men’s sexy underwear with low sexy and elegant material;

Shorts: suitable for sexy men’s sexy underwear.

Brand selection

The brand has a decisive role in the quality and comfort of men’s sexy underwear, and we must choose carefully.

Taste: One of the brands with good reputation, and the men’s sexy underwear is also favored;

Magic Silk: One of the representative brands of men’s sexy lingerie, has good sexy and comfort;

Candyman: The more adventurous and sexy brand is suitable for men with high requirements for sexy and strong adventure.

Gift selection

Men’s sexy underwear has gradually become a gift choice. When choosing, pay attention to the personality and needs of the wearer.

Traditional men: Choose styles and colors are relatively conservative, don’t be too sexy;

Lazy man: suitable for loose and comfortable styles, the material should be comfortable and soft;

Sexy men: You can choose a sexy or bold and sexy style. Be careful not to be too excessive.


The price level of men’s sexy lingerie is not lower than women, nor is it a matter of price and one point of goods. We must carefully select instead of paying too much attention to the price.

High -end brands: The design of such brands is strong, materials and workmanship are relatively good, and the price is relatively expensive;

Mid -range brands: This type of brand is well -made, with its own brand culture and moderate prices;

Low -grade brands: Men’s sexy underwear produced by some manufacturers with smaller brand or brand influence is cheaper, but it does not guarantee quality.


Men’s sexy underwear, like women’s sexy underwear, has become a manifestation of lifestyle and culture.When choosing and wearing, we must comprehensively consider our own needs and actual situation. We must not only guarantee sexy, but also ensure comfort. We must pursue fashion and pay attention to quality.If an underwear can meet all your needs, it is the best choice.

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