What do you say to wear sex underwear

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a special underwear that is used to enhance interest, strengthen sexual attractiveness, and improve self -confidence.They usually use transparent or translucent fabrics, which are more teasing and sexy than ordinary underwear.Interest underwear covers a variety of different styles and designs to adapt to people of different types and styles, from bra, underwear, dresses, socks, and so on.

The reason for wearing sex underwear

There are many reasons for wearing erotic underwear.For some women, wearing erotic underwear is to stimulate self -desire and enhance sexual attractiveness.For other women, it is to better meet the needs of themselves and partners in bed.In addition, there are also women’s reason why women wear fun underwear to celebrate specific occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Wedding.

Falling underwear style and type

The style and type of sexy underwear are very rich and diverse.This includes half -cups, triangular cups, full cups, breast enhancement, hips, lace, mesh, leather, suspender, hollow, etc.In addition, sexy underwear can also combine various styles and themes, such as animal printing, lace, lace, sweet and cute, sexy and fashionable.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First of all, you need to consider your own figure and personal style to choose a sexy underwear.For example, if the chest is relatively large, you can choose a full cup or 3/4 cup of underwear with elasticity and support; if the chest is small, you can choose to fill or thicken the underwear to increase the sharpness of the chest.In addition, the comfort of underwear should be considered, which can ensure a comfortable feeling when wearing sexy underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly

Putting on sexy underwear correctly is the key to ensuring its effect.First, ensure that the size of the underwear is appropriate, especially the bra, to ensure the fit of the cup and the shoulder strap.In addition, for a conjoined underwear, it is also necessary to ensure that the upper part is closely fit and appropriate.Finally, the matching of the underwear should also be noted that according to the style of the clothing, choose the suitable sexy underwear.

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

Because of the use of various fabrics, the cleaning and maintenance methods are also different.Generally speaking, mild detergents need to be used to avoid strong friction and dehydration.When washing, the underwear should be opened separately to avoid cross -colors.Especially fabrics like silk and lace, you need to wash and dry them with hand.

The fashion trend of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear also has its own fashion trend.In the past few years, some big -name designers have begun to bring sexy underwear into the fashion show to create a bold and more teasing aesthetic.This trend can be seen from more and more mix and match and wear. For example, sexy underwear is paired with jeans and jackets, or sexy underwear is used as part of the nightclub party.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear varies from brands and materials.The price of some low -end brands is between dozens of yuan and 100 yuan, and the price of the sexy underwear of top brands may be thousands of yuan.The price depends on a variety of factors such as gift boxes, accessories, materials, brands and design.

The role of sexy underwear on sex life

Wearing erotic underwear is of great benefit to sex life.First of all, it can enhance sexual attractiveness and self -confidence, thereby helping women to better enjoy the process of sex.Secondly, wearing sexy underwear can enhance imagination, thereby creating a more interesting and exciting situation.Finally, wearing sexy underwear can promote stimuli and intimacy, thereby increasing sexual satisfaction.


Wearing sexy underwear can improve self -confidence and sexual attractiveness, so that women can better enjoy sexual sex.However, when selecting and using sexy underwear, you should pay attention to its size, comfort, matching and cleaning maintenance.In the end, the use of sexy underwear correctly can bring more pleasant and satisfied sexual life.

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