Wedding sex lingerie map solution complete works

Wedding sex lingerie map solution complete works

Part 1: Wedding underwear

For brides, wedding underwear is one of the most important choices before marriage.A suitable wedding underwear can not only improve the effect of the wedding dress, but also modify the figure.Common wedding underwear is:

Shoulder strap type: It is more suitable for choosing wedding dresses with darker colors, such as red and purple wedding dresses.

Vest type: It can be well wrapped in the chest, which brings the effect of weight loss and shaping.

Piece: It is more suitable for brides with small chests, which can increase the fullness of the chest.

Part 2: The bride must have sexy underwear

The night after marriage is the beginning of a wedding life.As a bride, a beautiful erotic underwear is essential, making the groom more yearn for herself, thereby increasing the emotions between husband and wife.

Perspective type: Sexual sexy underwear with strong perspective can show women’s curves and sexy.

Lace type: lace sexy underwear is very suitable for sweet and lovely girls, forming a different sweet match.

Speed type: This kind of sexy underwear can increase dynamic and sexy, showing women’s beautiful curves.

Part 3: Sexual Emotion

Sexual feelings have a strong sense of excitement, so it is more suitable for experienced women or married women.Common sexy underwear includes:

Hapry type: The more hollowed sexy underwear can perfectly show the curve and beauty of the chest.

Leather type: Leather’s sexy underwear is more sexy, especially suitable for people who like to play SM.

Lace Rabbit Ear: Lace Rabbit Ear is a common COS sexy underwear, especially suitable for party or unique occasions.

Part 4: Stockings sex underwear

Stockings are an important part of sexy underwear. It can not only improve the sexyness of women, but also effectively modify the leg shape and show the feminineness of women.

Fish Net: Fish Net -style stockings are the most sexy type, which can make men have great fantasies about women’s legs.

Lace type: Lace -type stockings are sweeter, suitable for making warm and sweet nights.

Black type: Black stockings are fresh and clean, which is the most classic.

Part 5: Belly Bades Sexy Locks

In some cases, the belly pocket sexy underwear is the most practical and economic choice.

Fabric type: Thick material effect is good, suitable for girls with flesh.

Leather type: Suitable for special occasions to bring a very enjoyable sense of enjoyment.

Fish net type: Fish net belly pocket sexy underwear is very suitable for leather pants and skirts to increase sexy feelings.

Part 6: Set sexy underwear

Set sexy underwear is a full set of sexy underwear, including upper and lower clothing. It uses the same style or the same feeling, which is suitable for women who dare to try new things.

Lace type: Lace jackets are usually very sweet, suitable for seeking warm and sweet couples.

Leather type: Leather suit is more sexy, suitable for trying adventure behavior.

Striped type: Striped set of sexy underwear is very suitable for night casual wear, showing women’s figure curve.

Part 7: European and American Instead Underwear

European and American sex lingerie can make women feel the most shocking sexy and beautiful.

Bid -chest type: Beam -up European and American sexy underwear can fully show women’s chest curves, which is very suitable for nightlife wear.

Staircase type: The design of staircase -like sexy underwear is very unique, showing a new detail.

Low -chest: Low -chest European and American sexy underwear combines the unique physiological characteristics of women in Western countries, giving a very sexy female image.

Part 8: Ladies Sex Lingerie

Ladies’ erotic underwear usually has some beautiful elements, which is not only sexy, but also shows women’s elegance, gentleness and affinity.

Lace type: Lace lady’s erotic underwear makes people feel sweet and suitable for romantic nights.

Bow knot: Bowlion lady’s sexy underwear can make people feel a particularly ladylike and very gentle feeling.

Lace type: Lady ladies’ sexy underwear is more romantic, suitable for creating a sweet atmosphere.


Each woman has her own special temperament, and different types of sexy underwear can bring different impacts and temperament changes.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your personality and needs. It is important to make yourself feel comfortable and to better interpret your sexy charm.

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