Wearing sexy underwear training novels

Wearing sexy underwear training novels

In the world of sexy underwear, in addition to making you feel sexy and aesthetic, there is also a kind of pleasure of tuning.The following will introduce how to wear sexy underwear for tuning.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, pay attention to choosing a suitable sexy underwear, not only comfortable, but also showing the image you expect.For example, different materials and styles of leather, mesh, and lace have different tuning effects.When choosing underwear, you must consider the effect you want to achieve, such as the image of the queen or the sexy lady.

2. Consider matching

When choosing underwear, consider the matching of underwear.For example, with high heels, you can make you more sexy and teasing, and with a leather whip with stronger tuning colors.

3. Adjust underwear size

The size of the underwear is very important.If you want to achieve the effect of tuning, underwear must be tight and highlighting, but you should also pay attention not to be too tight or counted.If it is too loose, it cannot achieve the effect of tuning.

4. Warm upset

Before tuning, make some warm -up exercises, relax your body, and relax yourself.This is more essential for the processing process and comfortable.

5. Training under security

Pay attention to safety.Before training, ensure that the environment and utensils are safe.If you have never tried tuning, it is best to consult professionals or choose some relatively safe ways.

6. Use sound to tun

In addition to visual stimuli, sound stimulation is also an important means.You can stimulate each other through asthma, moaning, etc., and enhance the effect of tuning.

7. Control breathing

Control breathing is also a way of tuning.For example, the other party can hold his breath, or stimulates it during deep breath.This can not only enhance the effect of tuning, but also increase the emotional communication between the two parties.

8. Tools such as handcuffs, handcuffs

Tuning tools such as handcuffs and handcuffs are also one of the important ways to achieve the effect of tuning.By restraining each other, making the other party unable to act freely, which can strengthen the affiliate of the other party.

9. Release timely release

Limited release is also an important part of tuning.At the right time, let the other party feel the pleasure of release, and give the other party to relax, understand, and intoxication, etc., is one of the important means of training.

10. Conclusion

In short, in the process of wearing sexy underwear for training, it is not only to feel the pleasure of sexy and aesthetics, but also through training to allow the two sides to understand each other and increase emotional communication.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear for tuning requires more psychological preparation and respect to achieve the best results.

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