Wearing sex underwear is not


Interesting underwear is not to let others look good

Wearing sexy underwear must be a little more clear. The purpose of you wear sex underwear is for yourself, not for others.Interest underwear is a private equipment. Its existence is to increase its sexy and charm. It is a way to master its own body. It should not be regarded as a tool to meet the needs of others.Therefore, don’t compare with others to restrain yourself with the expectations of others.

The selection of sexy underwear depends on the personal type

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, such as bra, underwear, hanging socks, jackets, role -playing clothes, etc. You should choose the right style according to your personal figure.If you have the characteristics of small chest, narrow waist, and big buttocks, then wearing a lace -patterned mesh dress is a good choice.If you have the characteristics of big breasts, small waist, and big butt, then wearing a bit of thick -stretched corset+camisole focus is a good choice.

Select the material of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is very important. It is necessary to choose a soft and comfortable and breathable material. This can not only ensure comfort, but also make the figure more sexy, attract more eyeballs and attention.It is best to choose natural materials such as natural cotton or silk to avoid using chemical fiber and other electrical materials, so as not to breathable and susceptible to illness.

Selection of sexy underwear is also very important

The color choice of sexy underwear is also very important.Color selection must also be determined according to personal skin color.If your skin tone is darker, then you can choose petal skirts, lace corsets, big bows wrapped chests, black stockings, etc.; And if your skin tone is white, then you can choose pink, light purple, light blue in the same color system.Color and so on, so that your skin tone can be whiter and sexy.

The appropriate code can make you more sexy

Selecting sexy underwear that is suitable for size is also a very important part.Ensuring the close combination of underwear with the body can avoid the embarrassment of wearing, it can also better show your figure, highlight your charm and attractiveness, and make you more sexy and confident.

The maintenance of sexy underwear is worth noting

In addition to choosing the right style and size, the maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Generally, sexy underwear is relatively fragile. It needs to be washed with special detergents. It cannot be washed with other clothes. At the same time, you need to pay attention not to machine washing.

High hygiene requirements are high, keep cleaning before you wear

The wearing environment of sexy underwear is relatively closed, and the hygiene requirements of the underwear are extremely high. Keep cleaning before each wear to ensure neat and hygienic underwear. This can make you more confident and charm and attract more attention.

You can wear sexy underwear on embarrassing occasions

Although sexy underwear is regarded as a private dress, it can become the incarnation of women in some occasions, so that more occasions can be integrated and increased your charm and confidence, thereby becoming the focus of the wedding, such as the wedding scene, the scene of the wedding, the scene of the wedding,Private dinner and so on.

Sexy underwear is a way to express romantic emotions

Interest underwear is a way to express romantic emotions, and it also has a very important symbolic role in love, marriage and other aspects.Interest underwear is not only a matter of substance, but also a kind of emotional transmission and communication. It is your romantic and gentle way you love the one you love.


The purpose of wearing sex underwear is to add sexy and charm to yourself. Choose the right style, color, size, and material. Keep clean and hygienic before you wear it. Interesting underwear can become the incarnation of women, express romantic emotions, improve confidence in self -confidence, improve self -confidence, Show the charming side.

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