Wearing erotic underwear without washing

Wearing erotic underwear without washing

Many people have experienced such experiences. In a hurry in the morning, they found that all the sexy underwear had been washed, and had to wear sexy underwear that had not been washed.Although this may be a challenge, this decision may bring you potential danger.Here are some important information about the sexy underwear that you need to wear without washing:

1. You may infect bacteria

Wearing unwapering sexy underwear is a risk of generating bacterial infection.Bacteria and microorganisms accumulated on your sexy underwear may cause a series of symptoms, including inflammation, itching and itching.Therefore, we must clean the underwear before we can wear it.

2. Smelting will make you feel embarrassed

There is a odor without cleaning the erotic underwear. It may be sweat secreted by your body, or greasy matter, dust, and so on.If you have a smell of sexy underwear, you may feel uncomfortable with others and others.

3. Washing can reduce bacterial growth

We need to realize that washing can effectively promote the cleaning and hygiene of sexy underwear, which can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, especially in the parts where the human body contacts.So don’t forget to clean your erotic underwear.

4. The material of sexy underwear has an impact on the washing process

The material of sexy underwear also affects the washing process.For example, some underwear fabrics should be avoided with soft agents and bleaching agents because they may destroy the fiber of the underwear and cause the lingerie to lose its original elasticity and quality.

5. Affect personal hygiene

Dressed in erotic underwear that is not cleaned may affect your personal hygiene.Bacteria and microorganisms will breed in your private parts, which may cause infection and discomfort, especially in your physiological period or allergic season.

6. Inaccurate size will bring discomfort

Many people don’t know what size of sexy underwear they wear. If you wear too large or small underwear, your body will feel sad.The correct size will bring a better sense of comfort, and it is good for your health and the durability of underwear.

7. Prepare a few more sexy underwear is a wise choice

It is a very wise choice to prepare a few more fun underwear.This allows you to avoid wearing underwear at any time when cleaning, drying, or no time washing.Prepare many styles and colors to make you feel happy when facing various occasions.

8. Pay attention to whether the sexy underwear is suitable for your body

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is important for protecting your health.Especially for those who are active, passive, or using contraceptives, you need to pay attention to whether there are any metals or hard objects in the sexy underwear, which may affect your physical health of you and your partner.

Viewpoint: Washing your erotic underwear is a must.Don’t risk the risk of health issues. Wear a sexy underwear that has not been cleaned.Make sure your sexy underwear is suitable for your body, and prepare a few more sexy underwear as spare to prevent from time to time.

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