Wearing a sexy underwear out of Xiaohuangwen

Wearing a sexy underwear out of Xiaohuangwen

The design and production of sexy underwear is becoming more and more diversified, and it is no longer just a little trick for erotic nights, and it has also become a part of fashion and sexy.Wearing a sexy underwear to go out, or fiddles with a very good sexy underwear, it is no longer a taboo topic.So, how should we wear sexy underwear to go out?This article will share relevant experience from several aspects.

1. Select the right occasion

When wearing sex underwear, the most important thing is to choose the right occasion to avoid unnecessary embarrassment caused by wrong choices.If dating, dinner, party, etc., you can choose a lot of sexy underwear to highlight your sexy.On the formal occasion, such as at work or to have dinner with your family, it is recommended to choose low -key colors and materials to avoid excessive matching.

2. Hot summer selection of breathable material

The temperature in summer may not be conducive to wearing sexy underwear, but the correct choice can still be cool in hot weather.You can choose a sexy underwear mixed with cotton and breathable materials to ensure that keeping breathing smoothly and avoiding discomfort such as sweating and excessive stickers.In addition, the color should be relatively light, which looks very clean and hygienic.

3. Loose skirt to match

When you go out, you can choose a loose skirt or loose clothes to match.This can not only protect privacy, but also have a certain hidden effect.If your erotic underwear is fancy, then a simple loose shirt can maintain sufficient balance.

4. Choose the right shoes

Pay attention to the choice of shoes when wearing sex underwear. It is best to choose comfortable shoes instead of high heels, otherwise it will weaken your self -confidence.The color of the shoes should also be kept in contact with sexy underwear to avoid conflict.

5. Mix match

You don’t have to stick to the traditional match, you may wish to try mixing and match, so that the fun will be more enhanced.For example, sexy underwear, jeans or other strange combinations can produce amazing results.

6. Choose a style that suits you

We know that everyone’s body is unique, so it is necessary to choose sexy underwear suitable for their bodies.For example, tall and thin, fat, and chest size will affect the choice.Therefore, it is best to find a professional to buy and correct recommendations when choosing to ensure that the effect you wear is proper.In this way, despite wearing sexy sexy underwear, you will feel comfortable and natural.

7. Go out after practicing in a personal bed

Before wearing a sexy lingerie, try to penetrate the effect in bed.In this way, even if there are flaws, you can change and correct it in time to avoid accidents.

8. Confidence is the key

In the end, wearing a sexy lingerie is still confident.The correct choice, suitable style and matching, and good state will affect the display of the effect.Confidence is the most important. No matter what style or dressing you choose, you are showing your own sexy charm.

Viewpoint: It is not a big deal to go out to wear sexy underwear. We should see another layer of meaning, that is, changing the traditional understanding of sexy underwear, giving it more meaning and value.

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