Wear sexy underwear abuse with handcuffs

Introduction: Interesting underwear is an essential prop in sex games

Interest underwear is extremely important in sex games. It allows both parties to understand each other more deeply and enjoy a stronger sense of joy.As an expert in sexy underwear, I will introduce you to an alternative experience -wearing sexy underwear to be abused with handcuffs.

Step 1: Choose the right sexy underwear and handcuffs

First of all, we need to choose a suitable set of sexy underwear and a handcuffs.When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to consider our body and personality, and try to choose a style that can attract the other half of interest.Handcuffs need to choose good comfort and high quality.

Step 2: Determine the object of abuse and content

When wearing a handcuffs and wearing a sexually abuse, we need to clarify the object of abuse and the content of abuse.It is best to start a masoch game without both parties that both sides have clearly agreed to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and embarrassment.

Step 3: Make emotion and body preparation

Before the abuse game, we need to use some techniques to prepare emotion and body.For example, we can increase the emotional experience through tongue kissing, touching, etc.; we can also let the body enter a tense state through the position and breathing.

Step 4: Wear sex underwear and handcuffs

After completing the preparation, we need to wear sexy underwear and handcuffs.It should be noted that the sexy underwear worn should be close to the body without compression, and handcuffs need to be fixed in the convenient position of the abused object.

Step 5: Try different ways of abuse

In the process of playing abused games, we can try different ways of abuse, such as gently shooting, drawing, etc.The object of abuse will reflect according to their own feelings, and the two sides need to communicate in time to avoid unnecessary harm.

Step 6: Pay attention to safety and hygiene issues

When conducting abuse games, we need to pay attention to the safety and hygiene issues of ourselves and the object of abuse.For example, sexy underwear needs to be cleaned and disinfected; handcuffs need to choose good quality and high material to avoid safety problems.

Step 7: Reasonably control the time of abuse games

Although the abused game is very exciting, the consumption of physical and psychological consumption is quite large.Therefore, when conducting abused games, we need to control the time of the game reasonably to avoid physical burden and psychological discomfort due to excessive conditions.

Step 8: Pay attention to physical response

When wearing a handcuffs and sexually abuse, we need to adjust according to the physical response of the abused object.If the object of abuse feels pain or discomfort, we need to stop the abuse game in time.

Step 9: Regulate and relax

After completing the abuse game, we need to adjust and relax properly to relieve physical and psychological pressure.We can restore physical and spiritual balance by reinforcing fruit, relaxed music.

End: sexy underwear abuse is only suitable for emotional and physical based on sufficient security

Generally speaking, wearing a handcuffs and wearing sexy underwear to abuse can bring different fun to sex games.However, when conducting abused games, we need to ensure the emotions and physical safety of both parties, and appropriate adjustment and relaxation after the game is over.Fun underwear abuse is only suitable for emotional and physical sense of security.

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