Wear a sexy underwear for his mouth

Wear a sexy underwear for his mouth

Sexy underwear is a secret weapon between modern couples.In terms of sexual life or adding fun, sexy underwear can play a very critical role.Today, we will explore how to wear sexy underwear for his mouth, stimulate your sexy charm, and make your boyfriend unable to resist your charm.

1. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you (H2 label)

First of all, you must understand your body, and then choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your figure.Different types of underwear have different wearing effects. If you choose the wrong type, it will be counterproductive and reduce your sexy charm.Therefore, pay special attention when choosing sexy underwear.

2. Sexy of black color erotic underwear (H2 label)

Black -colored and sexy underwear can bring a mysterious sexy experience to men, especially under leather and hollow materials.Putting on black and sexy underwear makes your body more curved and more three -dimensional, making you more sexy and charming.

3. The temptation of red color erotic underwear (H2 label)

Red color sex lingerie is a model of sexy and tempting. It can bring you a strong visual impact and make men accelerate.Choosing red color and love underwear can often create a fascinating sexy atmosphere, which is a must -have for creating a sense of romance.

4. Wild leather sex lingerie (H2 label)

For women who seek wild, leather sex lingerie is indispensable.It can bring you a unique coolness and make your boyfriend feel your strong atmosphere.Put on leather sexy underwear, you can emit a unique charm and confidence, attract your boyfriend.

5. Gentle flower color erotic underwear (H2 label)

If you like a natural and fresh and elegant style, then flower pornographic underwear is the choice you must not miss.Put on the flower porn underwear, you will show another cute and gentle temperament of your boyfriend, let your boyfriend feel at first sight.

6. Perspective/Passionate Mystery of Lingerie (H2 label)

Perspective/hollowing fun underwear can show your wonderful figure curve and increase mystery.The sexy underwear with hollow design will make men can’t help but guess the "secret garden" under you.This sexy underwear not only makes you feel sexy, but also surprises your other half.

7. Make good use of lace sexy underwear (H2 label)

Lace erotic underwear is a classic style.The slender lace design and transparency will perfectly combine your sexy and tender charm to bring your boyfriend into the feeling of being inseparable from you.

8. Know when to wear sex underwear (H2 label)

Wearing a sexy underwear is not only worn in bed.Sometimes you can put on sexy underwear on ordinary days to add life fun.For example, putting a charming corset in the kitchen prepare for dinner, making your boyfriend enjoyment.Therefore, it is important to know when to wear sexy underwear.

9. Maintenance method of underwear (H2 label)

It is very necessary to read the maintenance of underwear before wearing a sex lingerie.The sexy underwear of different materials corresponds to different maintenance methods, such as the soft laundry of the Silk/Satin underwear to regularly wash the smell and keep the smell clean and comfortable.

10. Viewpoint (H2 label)

Putting on sexy underwear contains tens of millions of charm, you can lift your intimate contact with you before the other half.Although sexy underwear is not what every girl needs, it is a good way to stimulate women’s sexy in the appropriate time and occasional occasions.

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