Washing sex underwear embarrassing

Washing sex underwear embarrassing

After buying a beautiful and sexy sexy underwear, we need to maintain it well, and washing is an important part.However, in the process of washing affectionate underwear, some embarrassing problems are often encountered.Below, let’s take a look at how to solve these problems.

Section 1: How to clean it?

Washing erotic underwear is much more complicated than other clothes, because most of them are made of skin -friendly materials. The washing method needs to be professional methods.Generally speaking, sexy underwear needs to be washed with warm water to avoid using machine washing and soaking. At the same time, a powerful detergent should be avoided.

Section 2: How to dry it?

When drying sexy underwear, avoid exposure and machine drying, otherwise it will destroy the elasticity and skin of the underwear and cause deformation.It is best to dry in the ventilation to avoid direct sunlight.

3rd paragraph: How to deal with the corners of the underwear damage?

When cleaning underwear, the underwear may be damaged.At this time, it can be disinfected with cleaner and fresh salt water before the sewing to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the underwear.

Paragraph 4: How to prevent folds?

Interest underwear is generally designed with a loose band. Long -term placement will cause the loose band to lose elasticity, forming folds, which seriously affects normal wear.It is recommended to store it in a flat place to avoid pulling tightly for a long time.

Paragraph 5: How to soft underwear?

Because the sexy underwear is made of skin -friendly material, the texture is relatively thin and harder.In order to make the sexy underwear soft, the soft agent or white vinegar can be added during cleaning to increase the softness of the underwear.

Section 6: How to avoid color fading?

The color of sexy underwear is more colorful, but it will inevitably fade over time and the number of cleaning times.In order to avoid fading color, it is recommended to soak in light saline before cleaning underwear for 15-30 minutes to fix the color.

Seventh paragraph: How to handle electroplating accessories?

Some sexy underwear assembled metal or electroplating accessories need to be treated specially, otherwise it will rust or lose luster because of cleaning.It is recommended to wipe with alcohol or olive oil to maintain the good state of the accessories.

Paragraph eighth: How to store underwear?

When storing sexy underwear, avoid mixing with other clothing, it is best to put it on the partition of the wardrobe to avoid affecting the color and extended life.

in conclusion:

Cleaning sex underwear is not an easy task, we need to treat them with caution.Following the above suggestions, the sexy underwear that can not be relieved can be in good condition, making us more beautiful.

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