Video of sexy underwear methods


Sex underwear is a special underwear, which aims to provide sexy and irritating.It is a very popular choice for those who want to enhance sexual life experience.However, for those who tried the first time, wearing sexy underwear may be a little tricky.Here, we will use some sexy underwear videos to explain to help everyone better understand the erotic underwear and use them easier.

Prepare sexy underwear

Before using sexy underwear, make sure you measure your size correctly and buy a suitable size of sexy underwear.In addition, read the label carefully to understand how to clean and maintain sexy underwear correctly.

The first sexy underwear: bra set

The bra set includes a piece of jacket and supporting underwear.When wearing a sexy underwear, please tie a good strap first.Next, buckle forward and adjust the position of the bra to ensure that the breast is in the correct position in the cup.Finally, put on a supporting underwear.

The second kind of sexy underwear: lace coat

Wearing lace clothes is a task that requires some skills and patience.For long style clothes, first raise it, start with the legs, pass through the legs, and pass through the body, like wearing pants.Next, pull up the edge, then tie the shoulder strap and strap, and finally adjust the position.

The third kind of sexy underwear: sexy stockings

The dressing of sexy stockings is relatively simple, rolling the stockings to the ankle position, and then slowly sliding them up until the upper body.Make sure they stick it firmly on their thighs.

Fourth sexy underwear: tight skirt set

Wearing a tight skirt suit need to pull the skirt to the waist position, and then wear the bra.Next, pull off the tight skirt.Adjust the position of the bra and put on the underwear.

Fifth sex underwear: Pan Nisin clothing

Pan Nicillin clothes need to be put in from behind, pulling over the shoulders and arms.Make sure the breast is correct in the clothing cup and adjust the position.Pull the supporting underwear and adjust the position of the clothing and panties.

The sixth type of sexy underwear: bellyband and G string pants

Wearing bellybands and G strike pants need to bypass the belly pista through the back and adjust it to the right position.Next, put on G strike pants and dial the band behind the G string pants to the right position.

Seventh sex underwear: role -playing suit

The role -playing clothing includes many different designs, such as nurses, students, and so on.April -style nurses are the easiest to wear.Put your head and arm carefully and adjust your position.Finally tie all the details.

Eighth sex underwear: chest stickers and thongs

It is best to wear chest stickers and thongs on dry skin.Put your chest on the breast first, and then connect the two parts of the chest.Next, put on thong and adjust the band of the pants to the right position.

in conclusion

Through the explanation of erotic underwear videos, we can better understand how to wear different types of sexy underwear.Although the method of wearing each sexy underwear is not exactly the same, overall, wearing sexy underwear is a very interesting and exciting thing.

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