Video Navigation

Video Navigation

In modern society, online shopping has become a common way of shopping.Interesting underwear, as a privacy, is more suitable for buying through the Internet, which is convenient, fast, and privacy.However, sometimes we may spend a lot of time looking for the products we want when browsing different sexy underwear websites.In response to this problem, some sex underwear websites have launched video navigation functions.

What is the video navigation of sex underwear supplies website?

Video navigation of sexy underwear websites is a function of displaying products in the form of video. Users can understand the appearance, color, size and other details of each product through video. At the same time, they can also understand more matching and dressing methods.In this way, users can find a product that suits them more quickly, and also improves the user’s shopping experience.

Advantages of video navigation

Video navigation has many advantages compared to traditional text and picture introduction methods.First of all, it can clearly display the goods and allow users to better understand their appearance and size and other information.Secondly, the video can present the matching scene of the product, allowing users to better grasp the method of dressing and matching the product.In addition, the video can display the texture and details of the product more intuitively, allowing users to understand the quality of the product more comprehensively.In short, video navigation allows users to better grasp the real situation of the product.

Recommend a few video navigation functions with good erotic underwear supplies websites

Below we recommend a few erotic lingerie websites with good video navigation functions for your reference:

1. is a website that specializes in selling sexy underwear and supplies. Its video navigation function is more convenient than other websites.Its navigation pages are classified in the face of products, and users can quickly find the target product according to their needs.At the same time, its video quality is high, and its sharpness and picture effect are very good.

2. Love light luxury

Ai Qinglux is a website that specializes in selling high -end sexy underwear and supplies, and its video navigation function is also very good.The videos of each product are displayed by the model in person. The effect is realistic and the high -definition is clear.In addition, its video navigation function interface is simple and easy to use, and it is more convenient to operate.

3. Xinyi underwear

Xinyi underwear is a woman -based sexy underwear website, and its video navigation function is also very practical.The video of each product shows the body shape and dressing effect, allowing users to better grasp the size and dressing of the product.At the same time, its navigation page classification is also clear, making it easier for users to find target products.


Video navigation function is an important feature launched by the sex underwear websites to improve the user’s shopping experience. It can show the texture, details and wearing effects of the product, so that users can better understand the product.When choosing to buy sexy underwear, you may wish to pay more attention to the application of this function to improve the efficiency of shopping and the probability of buying a satisfactory product.

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