Victoria’s Secret Angel Super Model Funwear

Victoria’s Secret Angel Super Model Funwear


Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel, as a representative of global fashion models, has attracted much attention.From the classic bras, lace shirts to bold personal clothes, each detail exudes seductive sexy atmosphere, attracting countless attention from the world.Today, let’s take a look at the various erotic underwear wearing the Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel to take you into the sexy world of Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Sexy stockings

The essential of sexy wearing of Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel is sexy stockings.Whether it is ordinary black stockings, red, white, pink high sockings, or fancy stockings such as plaid, mesh printing, show the charm of beautiful legs on the supermodels.With simple high heels or Martin boots, the degree of sexy is doubled.

Sexy bra

Classic Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel T -shaped bra, which is definitely a classic in sexy bra.The T -shaped shoulder strap and exquisite lace lace make the bra on the body is comfortable and sexy.In addition, Victorian Angel Supermodel also likes to wear bras without shoulder straps, emphasizing the beauty of the chest shape and back curve.

Patterned pajamas

Different from ordinary pajamas, Victoria’s Trends supermodels like to wear light texture and transparent silk pajamas.Whether it is the exquisite lace, noble gorgeous print, or small and exquisite ribbon, various novel elements are often incorporated into pajamas.Putting on such pajamas and elegant long hair can definitely make people feel soft.

Leopard Land

Leopard panties have almost become one of the standard of Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel.Combining sexy and wildness, leopard print jumpsuits can perfectly outline the curve of the body, making people satisfy the multiple desires of visual and psychological.At the same time, the matching of black high heels and hip skirts is also very fashionable.

Abdominal jacket

The abdominal jacket can strengthen the body curve and make the body’s body supermodel more perfect.Many supermodels also like to add various exquisite design elements to the jackets, such as beads, lace, etc., breaking monotonous and increasing the fun of wearing.

Metal pornography

Metal erotic underwear is an increasingly popular style in recent years.It is usually made of metal -textured patent leather, which is close to the body, highlighting the body curve, and can also increase luxury and sexy atmosphere.Metal erotic underwear is rich in color and material, which is a very fashionable style.

Pink erotic underwear suit

Pink sexy underwear sleeves are composed of pink bras, underwear, stockings, making Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel look sweeter and cute.The set is often matched with exquisite lace, satin and other materials, focusing on the completion of details, making women more attractive.

Lace sexy underwear

As a classic erotic lingerie material, lace has been widely used in the wearing matching of Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel.It can not only highlight women’s sexy, but also shape an elegant temperament.In addition to traditional black, red, white, etc., there are bright pink, blue, purple and other tones, which are very novel.

Embroidered sexy underwear

Embroidery is a very popular way of art in recent years. It has also been widely used in the sexy lingerie styles of Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel.Not only can it enrich the appearance of sexy underwear, but it can also increase the emotional mark between underwear and wearers.Embroidered sexy underwear needs to use slender thin needles and finely modified pictures during the production process to make the underwear more gorgeous.


From sexy stockings, classic bra to leopard jumpsuits, metal erotic lingerie, the sexy underwear of Victoria’s Secret Angel supermodels exudes a charming atmosphere.While maintaining sexy, these styles are also good at incorporating different temperament elements such as women’s tenderness and freshness.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can learn from the wearing matching of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Supermodel, so as to find a style that suits you.

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