Very expensive sexy lingerie brand


In the sexy underwear market, some brands can create fascinating value, which represent the highest -end, luxurious and most fashionable underwear products.However, this luxurious brand has considerable prices, which is often discouraged.This article will introduce several expensive sexy underwear brands. The price of these brands is enough to make people feel caught off guard.

Brand 1: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sexy underwear brand, which is known for its noble underwear and rare design.The price of a set of erotic underwear is usually ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.This brand of underwear usually uses high -end materials, such as exquisite lace and soft silk.In addition, its designers can customize underwear, which can meet some more unique needs and preferences.

Brand 2: La Perla

La Perla is a long -established sexy underwear brand. Founded in 1954, it always insists on providing high -quality and exquisite underwear.The price of this brand of sexy underwear is more than $ 1,000. It is unique and hand -made.The materials it uses are extremely luxurious, such as velvet and gold stockings.If you want to improve your sense of luxury, La Perla is worth trying.

Brand 3: Bordelle

Bordelle is a sexy underwear brand from Britain, and its underwear is famous for its innovation.The designer of this brand has a unique style, usually in tough style and a lot of leather details.The design of these underwear is impressive and the price is very high.The price of a set of erotic underwear is usually between $ 500 and thousands of dollars.

Brand 4: Cadolle

CADOLLE is a French sex lingerie brand. It has a history of more than 160 years. Its underwear is famous for its classic and exquisite design.This brand of underwear is usually made of high -quality materials.It is price of more than $ 500 for a set of sexy lingerie, but you will feel that things are worth it.For those who want unique, classic and long -lasting underwear, Cadolle is worth considering.

Brand 5: ATsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo is a brand known for its noble and extraordinary rubber underwear.This brand designer is good at using rubber materials to make underwear, which is also unique in the sexy underwear market.The price of a set of erotic underwear is usually between $ 500 and $ 2,000.If you want to pursue unusual tastes and styles, Atsuko Kudo may be suitable for you.

Brand 6: Fleur of England

Fleur of England is a brand famous for its exquisite ladies underwear and is usually considered a typical British brand.The price of this brand’s sexy lingerie is higher in the market, and the price of a set of sexy underwear is usually ranging from $ 300 to $ 400.Although the price is not cheap, this brand advocates elegance and exquisite, and its design and handmade production are very charming.

Brand 7: LoveDay London

LOVEDAY LONDON is a elegant and erotic underwear brand from the UK. Its designer is famous for her whimsical and superb craftsmanship.This brand’s sexy underwear is high, but it is fascinating.Designers usually use high -end silk, leather and lace materials to show each set of sexy underwear to show unique styles and superb craftsmanship.

Brand 8: Bordelle

Bordelle is a brand famous for its innovative underwear. The designer of this brand focuses on details and uses leather and hardware elements to highlight its design style.The inner structure and steel bone design of these underwear can show the beautiful posture of women, and the price is also expensive.The price of Bordelle’s sexy underwear began to start around $ 200, but some designed underwear prices that have completely customized underwear may rise to thousands of dollars.

Brand 9: CHANTAL Thomass

Chantal Thomass is a brand from France, and its underwear is designed and stylish.The sexy underwear of this brand usually uses expensive materials and exquisite handmade, with a high price.The price of a set of erotic underwear is usually between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars, but the design and material will not be disappointing.

Brand 10: MyLA

Myla is a brand famous for its luxury and beautiful underwear.This brand’s sexy underwear is relatively high, but it is very impressive.It has a series of underwear, such as solid -colored lace underwear and printed artificial silk underwear.The price of a set of sexy underwear for this brand is usually between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars.

in conclusion

These are one of the high -priced brands in the sex underwear market.Whether you have tried them or not, they can add luxury and unique taste to your underwear closet.It is no luxury, but a trend to choose a set of high -end sexy underwear.

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