Toilet sex underwear picture big set

At the Tokyo sex lingerie exhibition, a special sexy underwear attracted everyone’s attention, which is called "toilet sex underwear".This erotic underwear uses the shape of the toilet and is designed as a sexy underwear, which is loved by sexy underwear enthusiasts.In this article, we will present you some pictures of toilet sex underwear, and take you to understand the style, materials, suitable people and other knowledge of this sexy underwear.

1. Toilet sex lingerie style

This sexy underwear has a variety of styles, including one -piece, suit, and bra’s pantyhose.Among them, the conjoined toilet sex lingerie is the most special and sexy.The designer combined the toilet cushion with the toilet base to form a complete conjoined underwear.In addition to this consecutive underwear that looks very creative, it can also highlight the body of women, which is very suitable for women who want to try freshness.

2. The material of the toilet sex underwear

The material of the toilet sex underwear uses good skin -friendly, soft and comfortable fabrics, such as silk and lace.These materials are not only comfortable to touch, but also good breathability, making people feel sultry when wearing.In addition, the smooth texture of these materials can also make people more flexible when they act.

3. The color of the toilet sex lingerie

The color of the toilet sex underwear is mainly light and fresh colors such as white, pink, and these colors can add women’s softness and cuteness.Of course, toilet sex lingerie also has colors such as black, red and blue, which can better meet the needs of different women.

4. Toilet sex underwear is suitable for crowd

Toilet sex lingerie is suitable for women of various ages, figures, and character.For women with soft appearance and cheerful personality, toilet sex underwear can highlight their personality and make them more sexy and charming.

5. Toilet sex underwear wearing place

Most of the toilet sex lingerie is suitable for wearing in private places, such as home and sex hotels.These places can make people enjoy the sexy and creativeness of this sexy underwear, making people’s mood and body loose.

6. The maintenance of the toilet sex lingerie

The cleaning of the toilet lingerie is the same as ordinary underwear. It is recommended to use professional underwear cleaning solution during hand washing. Do not put it in the washing machine.In addition, you should pay attention not to mix with the fabric soft agents and other items when storing, and these items may damage the fabrics of the underwear.

7. Buy toilet sex lingerie purchase

Toilet sex lingerie can be purchased at the sexy underwear stores and e -commerce platforms.It is recommended that when choosing, buying professional brands and reputable shops can ensure the quality and after -sales service of the product.

8. The price of toilet sex lingerie

The price of toilet sex underwear is different from the brand and style, generally between 50 yuan and 500 yuan.However, compared with his erotic underwear, the price of toilet sex underwear is relatively close to the people.

Finally, it should be reminded that when wearing a toilet sexy underwear, pay attention to physical health and maintain hygiene, and try not to excessively pursue sexy and affect your health.It is a good way to enhance the sexy life by wearing a toilet sex underwear, but moderate and health is more important.

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