Throw sex underwear

Throw sex underwear

Interesting underwear, as a luxury brand, it can play an important role in promoting physical aesthetics, thereby enhancing women’s sexual charm, making people confident and full of mystery.However, not all women can accept sex underwear because it may have a negative impact on physical health.This article will introduce some reasons for throwing away sex underwear.

1. Sex underwear may be too tight

Interest underwear is usually designed as a personal shape to set off the body curve or increase the feelings, desires and mystery of the aristocracy.However, this design may cause poor blood circulation or cause the body organs to be oppressed and potential risks to physical health.

2. Sex underwear may stimulate allergic reactions

Sex underwear usually uses high -end satin, velvet and other materials, but these materials may cause skin allergic reactions.For people with sensitive skin, excessive contact with these materials may cause rash, sweate or other discomfort, which is more detrimental to personal image and has a certain impact on physical health.

3. Sex underwear may cause bad odor

Interest underwear is a high -end quality product. It usually uses many perfume, spices or chemical flavors to cover up possible fragrance problems.However, these chemicals may cause bad odor or increased secretions in private parts, which will affect physical health.

4. Sex underwear may be difficult to adapt

The design of sexy underwear focuses on the surface beauty, but for the wearer, it may be difficult to adapt to physical shape and wear feelings, especially for women who are pursuing comfortable wearing feelings, sexy underwear is not the first choice.

5. Interest underwear may lead to dependence

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of women’s physical and mental health, which may cause women to produce false beauty that rely on sexy underwear.This dependence is getting worse and has a certain negative impact on future sexual life and physical health.

6. Sex underwear may affect sex life

As a sexual product, sexy underwear may affect sexual life to a certain extent, leading to sexual desire or sexual dysfunction.Excessive use of sexy underwear can lead to delaying tendency to sex, which affects the maintenance of each other.

7. Sex underwear may not be suitable for sexual needs

Interesting underwear has a strong setting effect, but for some women, it is not suitable for their actual needs.Underwear is like a loose or low -key waist waist jacket that is generally suitable for postpartum women, but for the needs of young women, sexy underwear may not be suitable.

8. Uniform is dissatisfied

In sexy underwear, some uniforms with obvious nature of uniforms may be too strong for some women to be restrained by the image and image, and have certain restrictions on physical shape, personality, personality, and sexual rules. Women should fully respect free will of freedom.Based on, freely decide whether to choose this type of sexy underwear.

It’s best to throw away the erotic underwear

Although sexy underwear has the advantages of increasing physical aesthetics, self -confidence, and promoting health, for novices, it is the best choice to lose sex underwear from the wardrobe.Each woman’s body, health, and thoughts are different. It cannot allow the false beauty of over -relying on sexy underwear to become their overall awareness of physical and sexual life. It still needs to grow gradually.

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