There is no cover picture under the sexy underwear

There is no cover picture under the sexy underwear

As a new type of underwear, sexy underwear has the characteristics of temptation, sexy and wild, and the global adult products market.Among them, the most challenging is the unobstructed picture below the sexy underwear.

Define the picture type without cover under the sexy underwear

In the market, the unobstructed pictures under the fun underwear are mainly divided into three types: open crotch, leg opening and conjoined body. You can choose or use it according to your personal preference. By the way, you can remind you to pay attention to the size issues.

Open crotch picture type

The type of open crotch is common in women’s erotic lingerie, which is characterized by exposing the genital parts.Among them, it is divided into two types of detachable types that coordinate with exquisite small accessories.

Open leg picture type

The type of sexy underwear on the legs is usually suitable for men. It also exposes the genitals outside, providing physical stimuli and satisfaction with both sides. It has a certain health and safety risk. It is recommended to use it carefully.

Conjusational picture type

Lian body -shaped sexy underwear is more common, and its opening position can be located in the chest or the pussy below.Women can usually choose to speak under the chest, and men are opposite.Under normal circumstances, its back structure is open.

Suitable occasion

The unstoppable pictures under the sex underwear are suitable for wearing at the moment when the two are private, such as the water on the bed, the teasing of passion, the time of sexual intercourse, etc., to increase the interesting experience and irritation between the two.

Maintenance plan

No matter what kind of sexy underwear, special maintenance methods are needed.When cleaning, it should be avoided, and hand washing is a better choice to reduce the risk of damage to their silk and exquisite jewelry.

Customization and purchase channels

If you need personalized customization, you can buy Taobao through some adult supplies websites or buy in daily necessities.Customization can better set off the body and personality characteristics, and the experience is more comfortable.

What to pay attention to sexy underwear

When using sexy underwear, you must minimize their external time to reduce multiple exposure of bacteria and stains.It also needs to pay attention to the size and materials, as well as the choice of cleaning methods. Long -term use of sexy underwear may also cause other physical problems, pay attention to physical health.

discuss in depth

In addition to the type mentioned above, there are many novel pioneering and attempts in the sex underwear market.Some anime, film and television -themed sexy underwear, and even some simulation appliances.In -depth understanding and exploring this market will allow you to enjoy more sexy and exciting.


There is no cover picture under the sex underwear. It is a kind of sexy underwear. It emphasizes sexy and seductive problems, but also needs to pay attention to health and cleaning problems.When choosing and using sexy underwear, you must maintain rationality and suggestions to follow related standards and guidance, and at the same time, you must also experience the fun and joy it brings.

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