The most beautiful style picture appreciation of sexy underwear

1. Game -type sexy underwear

The game -type sexy underwear is designed for couples, and it gives the wearer a feeling in the scene.Common examples are the role -playing sexy underwear of "Professor and Students". "Nurses and patients" and "police and criminals" are more popular styles.

2. Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear can show the beauty of women’s body curves, they are usually made of thin fabrics or grids.When women put on them, their body lines are displayed, especially the curves such as breasts, waist and hips are very obvious.

3. lace sexy underwear

Lace is a feminine and elegant design element. Many sexy lingerie uses lace design, which can effectively highlight the beautiful curve of women and strengthen the mystery of women.

4. Decorative sexy underwear

Decorative sexy underwear is to attract each other’s attention. Usually they will be covered with small flowers, beads, lace and ribbon decorations, so that they are very sexy and beautiful. Many women can wear them to date or participate in party.

5. Anti -string sexy underwear

Anti -stringing sexy underwear is more suitable for men. They are usually designed by women’s or women’s clothes. Many men can wear them to play their role.

6. Underwear suit

Underwear suits usually include a pair of G -string pants and a decorative chest cup, usually black, red, white, blue and other colors, which are quite sexy.

7. Leather erotic underwear

Leather sex underwear is designed for those who want to show their prestigious men and women.They usually use leather, rubber and other materials to highlight the human curve perfectly.

8. Double -layer sexy underwear

Double -layer sexy underwear is composed of two layers of clothes. The upper clothes can show the beautiful figure of women, and the lower layer of clothes can strengthen mystery.This kind of sexy underwear is usually made of lace and silk.

9. Rope Young Underwear

Rope Yiyi underwear was originally invented by Japan, with the purpose of showing the lines of the body. Many women like to make SM games full of elaborate ropes.The texture of the rope can be made of metal wires, silk, and hemp rope.

10. Eye mask sexy underwear

Eye mask -type sexy underwear is designed to enhance the uniqueness of love. Women can be covered with silk bands. The eye mask will make women feel in darkness. This feeling is very thrilling.

In short, different types of sexy underwear are different in style, but their purpose is to enhance the fun of sexual life. This is the most important.

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