The latest sex underwear heavy taste

The latest sex underwear heavy taste

As a indispensable part of modern couple’s life, sexy underwear has a wide variety of types and more and more diverse styles. Some of the recently launched heavy sexy underwear are dizzying.Here are some of the latest heavy stuttering underwear. I hope to add some new interest to your life.

1. SM alloy sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is made of alloy, and the gloss is very high, revealing a cold and cool feeling, which makes people want to try.What’s more, this alloy sexy underwear also has SM small props, suitable for those who want to experience different stimuli.Use it carefully, safety first.

2. Leather Fun Set

The leather sex set is a popular lingerie style that has been popular in recent years. It has excellent texture and comfortable touch. At the same time, it is also the gospel controlled by the Queen.This sex set also has handcuffs and leather whip, which is suitable for you to try the Queen’s control. This sexy underwear is a good choice.

3. Type -see -out sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is made of tulle, which is very perspective, showing your body curve.This kind of tulle sexy underwear is regarded as a temptation artifact by many people, and its sexy level is enough to make your other half intoxicated.

4. Data Data Fairy Underwear

This sexy underwear uses intelligent chip technology and data analysis technology, which can monitor your heart rate, temperature, and breathing in real time, and presented on underwear, bringing a new experience to you and your partner.This fashionable and practical sexy underwear is a good life.

5. Falling breast suction sheets

This sexy underwear adsorb technology, which can pinch the female nipples, make the feel more intense, add a lot of fun to the life of the husband and wife.At the same time, the adsorption of this sexy underwear is adjustable, and you can choose freely according to your personal preference.

6. Shampoo Water Instead underwear

This sexy underwear adopts high -tech technology to inject shampoos into the inside of the underwear. When wearing it, you can apply the shampoo smoothly to the back. This can help you solve the problem of shampooing and inject a different experience into the life of the husband and wife.

7. Short skirt sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear dress, which is very sexy. After putting it on, it can perfectly show your curve beauty.This sexy underwear also has stockings, which is very suitable for people who like sexy and seductive people.

8. Fundamental underwear

The special thing about this sexy underwear is that it is combined by the underwear and underwear, which is very comfortable and has a high degree of sexy.Recommended to those who pursue comfort and sexy.

9. Cute animal sexy underwear

This sexy underwear uses cute animals, which is very eye -catching.It not only shows a cute shape, but also has sexy degree not to lose other sexy underwear. It is a sexy underwear suitable for the opposite sex.

10. Personal style and sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear has a strong personality style and a very diverse style. You can choose to match the style that suits you, which can release the sexy atmosphere and highlight the personality of personality.


The above are the latest and most heavy -duty lingerie styles. Each sexy underwear has unique characteristics and charm, making your life full of fun.Of course, be sure to pay attention to safety and hygiene and choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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