The first time wearing a sexy underwear should

What should I do when wearing a sexy underwear for the first time

With the continuous updating of modern people’s concepts of sex, sexy underwear is increasingly popular and favored by people. However, before wearing sexy underwear for the first time, there are many matters that need attention.This article will provide you with suggestions and prompts about wearing a sexy underwear for the first time.

Choose the style of sexy underwear style that suits you

The first step is to choose a sexy lingerie style that is suitable for your style and personality.Different people have different aesthetics and needs. Before choosing, you should learn more about the styles of sexy underwear shops in order to better choose the products that suits you.For example, if you like cute and fresh styles, then you can be pink lace and lace lace sexy underwear.

Make sure you choose the size of your own size

The second step is to ensure that the size you choose is suitable for you. Whether you buy online or offline, you must carefully check the size table of the product, and then choose according to your height, bust, waist, hips, and other parts.Because too small or too large erotic underwear can easily cause people’s discomfort, which affects the sex experience.

With other accessories

Interest underwear is only an integral part of the sex experience. In order to achieve complete results, it is also essential to choose the suitable accessories, such as lace gloves, lace stockings, high heels, and so on.The choice of these accessories not only in line with the style of matching, but also consistent with sex underwear.

Try different colors and materials

When choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, you can contact different materials and colors as much as possible.Especially for date, you can choose to be more casual or bolder than usual, such as charming red or gorgeous sequins.By trying these colors and materials, you can better set off your sexy charm and self -confidence.

Prepare sexy underwear on multiple occasions

When buying sexy underwear, you can not only buy one or two, but you should buy different styles that can be worn in multiple occasions to prepare for different occasions.For example, you can choose a sexy underwear suitable for dating or parties to be used at home to remove daily underwear.

Test the comfort of sexy underwear

Before wearing sexy underwear, you can use underwear to test the comfort and texture of sexy underwear, and be familiar with the texture of your body and sexy underwear.If you feel uncomfortable or not suitable for you, don’t hesitate to try to change other styles and sizes.

Choose a suitable sex underwear on the occasion

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, of course, you cannot violate the law and morality. When you wear, you must avoid opening your chest in public or exposing your hips.You can wear time at home or with your partner.

Naturally comfortable to wear sexy underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, do not deliberately imitate photos on the Internet or magazines too deliberately, especially do not over -modify, waist, or bust, etc., it will be uncomfortable.It should be as much as possible to put the sexy underwear on the body naturally and achieve the effect of sexy figure.


Whether it is the first time wearing a fun underwear, or to better experience the taste, choose the style and size suitable for you and the occasion, and the state of ensuring comfort and nature, it is the most important.The most important thing is to find the style and feeling suitable for your own.

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