The first Guangzhou Sex Culture and Sex Underwear Exhibition

Background introduction

In contemporary society, the interesting underwear industry has developed rapidly, and more and more people know and accept this culture to meet the needs of temperament.In order to promote and promote the development of sexual culture and sexy underwear industry, the first Guangzhou sex cultural and sexy underwear exhibition opened in XXX in the Guangzhou International Conference Center.


The scale of this exhibition is unprecedented, and the number of exhibitors and exhibits has reached a new height.It is reported that there are a total of XXX booths, and the exhibitors cover the XXX countries and regions, showing the global erotic underwear industry.


The Guangzhou Sexual Cultural and Fun Underwear Exhibition has attracted countless audiences to stop watching with its unique exhibits.There are many types of exhibits, including sets of sets, lace series, SM series, men’s masturbation device, liquid simulation body fluid and other series of products.

Exhibitors highlight

At this exhibition, not only many internationally renowned brands participated in the exhibition, but also many high -quality manufacturers from home and abroad.Some of these highlights have attracted widespread attention and heated discussion among the media and audiences.

Brand promotion

The Guangzhou Sex Culture and Fun Underwear Show is a platform for global exchanges and the best platform for brand promotion.Many brands use this opportunity to show and publicize to increase brand awareness and reputation.

Product trend

It can be seen at the exhibition that the design and style of sexy underwear are developing rapidly.With the development of social change and the continuous improvement of people’s demand for sex, the greater development of the sexy underwear industry is also expected to be realized in the next few years.

market expectation

The sexy underwear market will also achieve great development.At present, the global sexy underwear market is continuously growing with the span of compound annual compound growth rates, and this trend is expected to maintain it in the next few years.This provides a broad way for the development of manufacturers and also shows that this is a potential market.

Cultural promotion

With the continuous holding of the exhibition, the culture of sexy underwear will continue to go deep into people’s vision.It is believed that through the medium of erotic underwear, the cultural level of Volkswagen will also continue to improve, thereby further promoting social progress.

Social response

The Guangzhou Sex Culture and Fun Underwear Exhibition has led people to understand and recognize the culture of sexy underwear, and it has also aroused many controversy and doubts.However, we should see that sexy underwear is also a culture, which is a manifestation of people’s freedom to exert its own temperament.


Through the holding of the Guangzhou Sex Culture and Foch Underwear Show, we see that the culture of sexy underwear is no longer a marginal or dark culture, but is becoming one of the representatives of the mainstream culture. It has promoted the traditional culture and fashion culture, andThe integration and innovation between traditional value and human value.It is expected that with the continuous development of the sexy underwear market in the next few years, the fashion and culture of sexy underwear will also become increasingly mature and developed.

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