The fat man wore a sexy underwear

Can fat people wear sexy underwear?

Some people may think that only women with slim figures are suitable for wearing sexy underwear, but this is a wrong idea.Fatty can also wear sexy underwear, and can show a very sexy side.However, you need to pay attention to some matters before wearing sexy underwear.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that is suitable for your body

Fatty needs to choose a sexy lingerie style that is suitable for his body.Personal and tight underwear may not be suitable for fat people, because they will make the fat body more prominent.Instead, such as some loose, loose, specially designed underwear is more suitable for fat people.For example, some underwear use high waist styles, which can effectively control the fat in the belly.

Choose underwear color that suits your skin tone

The color of the underwear is also very important, especially for fat people.Choosing underwear color that suits your skin color will make the fat man look more sexy.The color similar to the skin color, such as pink, beige, etc., will make the skin color more beautiful, not to make the body’s figure more prominent.

Select the right underwear size

Choosing the right underwear size is the key to the wearer feel comfortable and confident.Fat people need to follow the right principles. Excessive or small underwear can make the figure look more uncoordinated.You can compare the size of the conventional underwear first, and choose the interesting underwear size that is consistent with it.

Choose sexy underwear with special design

Many erotic underwear use special designs, such as perspective, lace, hollow, etc., which can effectively alleviate the pressure of fat people and beautify the figure.For fat people who want to show sexy to the extreme, such a design is a choice that is not to be missed.

Pay attention to the appropriate occasion of underwear style

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the appropriate occasions of the underwear style.Some underwear styles are suitable for places to go out, dating and other places, while others are more suitable for wearing at home comfortably.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the needs of different occasions.

Other items with appropriate match

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to match other appropriate items.For example, you can choose high -heeled shoes to lengthen the leg lines, accessories necklaces, etc. to make the neck more slender, so that the sexy temperament of the fat man is more prominent.

Pay attention to body base

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to your body.If you want to cover your belly, you can choose to wear a high -waist panties or skirt.Similarly, it is necessary to emphasize the part of the body curve, and it can also be strengthened in the local area, such as using a body -shaping jacket.

Confidence is the best way to show

The most important thing is that you need self -confidence when wearing sexy underwear.Sexy is not only from the clothes itself, but also the temperament emitted by the wearer’s heart.Self -confidence is the best way to show, and believes that your charm can attract more attention.


All in all, fat people can also wear sexy underwear to show their sexy side.Choose underwear styles that are suitable for your body, with the appropriate items, pay attention to the physical bottoming, the most important thing is that you have self -confidence, believe in your charm, you will definitely become a sexy goddess.

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