The earliest sexy underwear vacuum show in Taiwan

Sex underwear in Taiwan

Interesting underwear originated in Europe and the United States, but has a different development process in Taiwan.In Taiwan, the promotion of sexy underwear is mainly carried out by some private clubs and personal operators.These clubs and operators advocate sexy and personalized, and advocate women’s self -expression and display.Moreover, in Taiwan, the business development of sexy underwear is also very successful.

The popularity of a vacuum show

As early as around 2000, a unique form of sexy underwear showed in Taiwan, namely the "vacuum catwalk".In this catwalk, the model is wearing a sexy underwear, but does not wear clothes, and only puts some decorations on the body, such as bikini, vests, shorts, etc.This model’s "nude" catwalk in sex underwear has received high attention from people, and its impact has gradually expanded.

Controversy of vacuum catwalk

Because the sexy sexy and explicit of the vacuum catwalk has caused a lot of controversy.Some opponents have accused this behavior of blasphemy and insult to women, while supporters believe that this behavior shows women’s freedom and personality.Among the continuous controversy, the vacuum catwalk has gradually developed from public display to private customization.

Types of sex underwear

Now, sexy underwear is designed as a variety of styles and forms to meet different needs and personality.Common types of sexy underwear include adult bellybands, pajamas, bra, milk pads, lace panties, stockings, etc.Among them, adult bellyband design is simple, most of which are small items with bright colors and patterns, which are quite cute.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Aesthetics

The design of sexual emotional interesting underwear not only focuses on function, but also focuses on aesthetics and artistic sense.It integrates fashion elements and art elements, reflecting the sexy and elegant of women.Generally, elements such as peach heart, champagne cup, strap, small bow, and transparent yarn net will become important elements of sexy underwear design.

The influence of European and American sexy underwear

As the birthplace of this industry, European and American sexy underwear is also very far -reaching.The design of European and American sexy underwear is also a variety of, such as sexy, mature, jokes, etc., all have various types and styles.Although the market share of European and American sexy underwear is not high, it is still an important indicator of sexy underwear design.

The value of adult sex lingerie

The environment of adult sex lingerie in the country is still not popular.It is generally believed that this kind of clothes are indecent and have some negative values.But in fact, adult erotic underwear is also a scarce and unique market.It emphasizes sexy, personality, and free life attitude. It is a good medium for many people to pursue self -expression and creativity.

The business prospects of sexy underwear

Now, the market for sex underwear has developed in China.Although the popularization rate of sexy underwear is relatively low, as people’s quality of life increases, the attention and understanding of sex life are also increasing.Therefore, the market prospects of sexy underwear are worth looking forward to.

Design and creativity combined with domestic characteristics

While distinguishing the design of foreign sex underwear, domestic sexy underwear design should also choose better materials, more unique creativity, and make more distinctive styles.This can not only meet consumers’ pursuit of beauty, but also create a different personality and style that is different from foreign countries.


Interest underwear is a special underwear. It not only represents an emotional expression, but also a fashion culture.It has many different connotations, which requires us to understand and understand.In the development of sex underwear, we must also maintain an open, rational and inclusive mentality, and appreciate its beauty and value.

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