The difference between sexy underwear and JK

The difference between sexy underwear and JK

1 Overview

Interest underwear and JK are two seemingly similar costumes, but there are actually obvious differences.Sex underwear is designed to add sexuality, while JK is a conventional uniform for girls in Japanese campuses.

2. Design inspiration

The design of sexy underwear is inspired by women’s sexy forms and sex scenes.JK has evolved from Japanese students’ uniforms. The main pursuit of cute and pure effects.

3. Materials and texture

Interesting underwear is generally made of lace, gauze, etc., emphasizing the feeling of perspective, translucent and nakedness, and some can even disassemble parts for sex.The JK uses cotton and polyester as the main material, which pays more attention to comfortable and durable texture.

4. Color and pattern

The color and pattern of the sexy underwear are very bold. It can be bright red, pink, purple, etc., or it can also be dark. At the same time, it will be matched with various colors of lace, satin and other materials to increase the sexy atmosphere.JK is generally black, blue, and white as the main color, and there may be some simple texture or patterns.

5. Wear object

The wearing objects of sexy underwear are mainly couples or couples, which are used to add interest and stimulation in sex games.JK is a uniform of girls on campus, which can be widespread, giving people a feeling of daily life.

6. Function

The function of sexy underwear is mainly to increase the stimulus and fun of sex games, making fun life more colorful.JK provides the function of daily wear of girls on campus, acting as an important part of campus culture.

7. Show off and privacy

The purpose of wearing a sexy underwear is to display it to couples or husbands and wives, which is a public showing off; wearing JK is to integrate into the group, which is privacy.

8. Conclusion

In summary, although sexy underwear and JK have similarities in some aspects, their design and functions are obviously different.You need to consider it carefully when you choose to wear a sexy underwear, and wearing JK is a normal daily habit.Different occasions need to be appropriately grasped on the occasion and purpose of wearing different clothing.

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