The difference between sailor clothes and sexy underwear


Sailor clothing and sexy underwear are very tempting clothes, but they have a big difference.This article will explore the differences between sailor clothes and sexy underwear, as well as their respective charm.

Definition of sailor clothes and sexy underwear

Sailor clothing is a costume made of blue and white striped cloth, which has a traditional style worn by early sailors.And sexy underwear is a costume for enhancing personal charm and sexy, usually including a series of underwear, conjoined clothes, ballet skirts, lace stockings, and other sexy accessories.

Material and style

Sailor clothing is usually made of striped cotton or knitted fabric, which has the characteristics of comfort, lightness, and ventilation.Interest underwear uses various materials, such as silk, lace, fish net cloth, leather, etc., and there are various styles, which can choose different styles and shapes according to personal preference.

Use and occasion

Sailor clothes are usually used as performances or role -playing clothing, and are loved by young people and cosplayer.And sexy underwear is often used in sex games or increased sexual attractiveness, suitable for wearing in private occasions.

Dress experience and sexy level

When the sailor clothes are wearing, the comfort and appearance effect are more important, and the degree of sexy is not the primary consideration.And sexy underwear emphasizes sexy and seductive effects, and needs to make himself a sexy goddess.

Match occasion and style

Sailor clothing can usually be equipped with sneakers or sandals, suitable for wearing on campus, beaches or other leisure occasions.The sexy underwear has a lot of restrictions, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider the external environment and sexy level, and choose the appropriate shoes, jackets and accessories.

cultural connotation

The sailor service has a strong cultural connotation in East Asia, and is considered a symbol of purity, freedom, bravery and knowledge.And sex underwear has no cultural connotation at all. It is a product of modernity and personalization.

Price factor

Sailor clothing is relatively cheap, and the price is usually between dozens of to 100 yuan, while sexy underwear is more expensive because of high -end materials and good designs. The price is usually between hundreds and thousands of yuan.

Wear objects and age levels

Sailor clothes are suitable for women of different ages and are not limited by body, but it is more suitable for fresh, cute and healthy women.Sex underwear is more suitable for young women and women with sexy figures, and for older women, it may not be suitable for wearing.

Maintenance and maintenance

Sailor clothes are relatively simple. You only need to follow the maintenance method of ordinary clothing, and sexy underwear needs to be handled more cautiously to avoid contact with dyes, cosmetics and other substances that may pollute underwear.In addition, sexy underwear needs to be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

in conclusion

Sailor clothing and sexy underwear are two very different costumes. They each have their own unique charm.You can choose different clothing according to the occasion, temperament and needs, but please pay attention to the matching of occasions and temperament, and the shape of personal image.The ultimate goal is to achieve a more confident and charming effect.

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