The boyfriend’s predecessor passed through sexy underwear for him

The boyfriend’s predecessor passed through sexy underwear for him

In modern times, erotic underwear has a role that cannot be ignored, not only to increase self -confidence and sexy, but also to bring surprises and pleasure to intimate people.However, when the boyfriend’s predecessor put on a sexy underwear for him, how should you deal with it?The following is a answer from several aspects.

Understand the types and functions of love underwear

First of all, it is important to understand the types and functions of love underwear.There are many types of sexy underwear, such as sexy lace, SM tuning, etc. Each underwear has its own sexy characteristics.Different erotic underwear has different functions, which can enhance sexy, improve self -confidence, and stimulate emotion.

Talk to my boyfriend about this problem

If your boyfriend’s predecessor has passed through a sexy underwear, you may wish to talk about this problem with him.Understand the relationship between them, and why the predecessor put him in sex underwear.In a peaceful atmosphere, you can express your thoughts and feelings, and your attitude and cognition of wearing sexy underwear.

Don’t compare with your predecessor

You should understand that compared with his predecessor is unwise.Everyone is unique and has different preferences and needs.You can’t expect your boyfriend to be exactly the same as his predecessor, nor can you compare yourself and his predecessor.Therefore, don’t let this situation affect the relationship between you and your boyfriend.

Try to wear a messy underwear

When you are a girlfriend, you can also wear sexy underwear for your boyfriend.This can not only stimulate the sexy between you, but also enhance the intimacy and trust between each other.When you try to wear sexy underwear, you will also understand the role of sexy underwear on yourself and boyfriend.

Explore the sexual relationship between you and your boyfriend

Sexual relationship is part of life, and it is also the common wish of many lovers.By exploring the sexy needs between each other, you can better understand the sexual relationship between you.The resonance of the body and the mind is the key to building a close relationship between people.

Pay attention to the source of information

When you hear your boyfriend who once passed a sexy underwear for his predecessor, pay attention to the source of information.You have to understand that your predecessor may confuse your imagination and reality.Therefore, don’t be affected by the predecessor’s remarks, and believe in the feelings and trust between you and your boyfriend.

keep Calm

It is important to keep calmness when you know that your boyfriend’s predecessor has passed through sexy underwear.Don’t be controlled by emotions, don’t let yourself be occupied by this issue.On the contrary, you should look at this problem rationally and explore and solve with your boyfriend.

Don’t let this thing affect your feelings between you

Finally, we must understand an important fact: this problem should not affect your feelings.Love relationship is based on mutual understanding and trust. You should respect your feelings and solve the problem with your boyfriend.


In the face of his former boyfriend through sexy underwear, look at this problem with a peaceful attitude. Don’t think too much. Believe in your boyfriend and your boyfriend to maintain confidence and kindness of love is the right choice.

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