Teacher student H fun underwear novels

The first paragraph: encounter

He is a young teacher, and a beautiful and vibrant student always attracts him.The teacher quickly discovered that his thoughts were not so easy to suppress.He was attracted by the student’s beauty and agility again and again in class.After a certain class, they met in the campus and started talking.

Second paragraph: teasing

Students pay close attention to the teacher.Her eyes and smile revealed her feelings.She often wore sexy sexy underwear, making the teacher feel very excited, and even unconsciously stared at her sensitive area for a few seconds, which made him even more trapped.

3rd paragraph: contact

One night, the student asked him to have dinner.They ate food together, drank red wine, and slowly became close.The student gradually began to expose her sensitive body. It didn’t take long for the teacher to control their feelings, and they decided to further contact.

The fourth paragraph: desire

In their bodies, they found each other’s desire.They long for more contact and more interaction.

Fifth paragraph: explore each other

The student is a real artist who can call this teacher with her music and dance.In the next days, they explored each other’s bodies and tapped their deep desires.

Paragraph VI: Wonderful use of sexy underwear

The student taught the teacher how to appreciate her high -quality sexy underwear and show him how to wear them to meet the common needs of both parties.

Seventh paragraph: frequent orgasm

The student and her teacher began a long -term, creative and adventurous sex life, and each time he rushed to a climax like a tide.

Paragraph eighth: break

However, the relationship was inevitably ruptured.They are all adults and realize that they cannot be together, so they chose to break up.

Paragraph 9: Memory

In their respective hearts, they all treasure the beautiful memories of this relationship.They have learned many new things from this experience related to sexy underwear, and also found higher levels of satisfaction.

Tenth paragraph: perspective and conclusion

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern emotional life, especially in sexual relationships.This form of clothing can help people explore each other’s hobbies and preferences, find new stimuli, and increase their sense of adventure.However, it is not enough to wear sexy underwear alone, and it also needs to be based on a true sexual relationship based on respect and trust.This can make fun underwear truly play its unique role.

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