Taobao sex underwear no buyer show

Why lack a buyer show on Taobao sex underwear?

Taobao sex underwear is a fast -growing market.However, compared to other products, sexy underwear seems to lack a buyer show.

Taobao review system restricted buyer show

Taobao has been very cautious in preventing obscene materials.Therefore, Taobao stipulates that the content of sexy underwear must abide by a certain review system and limits the number of buyer shows.

Sexy underwear buyers are unwilling to take pictures

In China, sexy underwear is still a more sensitive topic. Not everyone is willing to show photos of their own sexy underwear.Therefore, the number of buyer show is not as many as other products.

Commodity privacy and personal selectivity are obstacles

The purchase of sexy underwear has certain privacy. In addition to individual lovers, most people choose privacy when choosing to buy.Therefore, publicly exposing high quality charts in the sexy underwear market may make some buyers discourage, which affects the number and quality of Taobao buyer show.

Buyer Xiu was blocked by malicious use

Buyer shows are sometimes used to maliciously attack malicious comments or harassment, which is one of the reasons for the small number of buyer shows.In order to reduce risks, Taobao seal the title of the sexy underwear buyer show.

The comment area provides part of the replacement

Despite the lack of buyer show on Taobao sex underwear, the comment area under the product is still an important information for buyers to understand the product.The comment area can provide part of the sense of product authenticity, and provide buyers with the reference and basis of product information.

Focus description and parameters

Interest underwear is a special product, and its selling point is more reflected in the description and parameters of the product.Taobao sex underwear shop owners should pay attention to the specifications and accuracy of descriptions and parameters, so that consumers have a clearer understanding of products.

Video form of marketing is a new trend

Video -based product promotion is becoming more and more popular, and it is gradually adopted in the sexy underwear market.Because the form of video marketing is more vivid and intuitive, it is more likely to attract a large number of consumers.

It is recommended that sex underwear store owners pay more attention to novel creativity

Interest underwear is a very creative market.If Taobao sex underwear shop owners can create some novel designs, or combine products with culture, they can definitely attract a large number of consumers’ attention and promote the growth of the number of buyer shows.

Vigorous promotion and publicity

The sex underwear market is the same as other markets. It is necessary to vigorously promote and publicize.The owner of sex underwear can use various platforms, such as vibrato, WeChat, Weibo and other social media to promote their products and brands, attract more buyers to show high -quality buyer shows.


Despite the lack of buyer show on Taobao sex underwear, the sex underwear market still has great development potential.The owner of the sex underwear store should actively explore various promotion methods, increase the popularity of the product and improve the quality in order to better develop their own brand.

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