Taobao sex underwear female model leak photos

Taobao sex underwear female model leaked photos caused controversy

Recently, the leakage photos of some Taobao sex underwear models have been widely circulated on the Internet.These leaked photos are mainly models who are taken illegally and spread in large quantities during the fitting room or shooting.This incident has aroused widespread controversy. Many people condemn the incident, and at the same time have attracted people’s attention and concerns about Taobao’s sexy underwear industry.

The responsibility of protecting the rights and interests of female models in sex underwear industry

Taobao sex underwear industry should do its best to protect the privacy and image right of female models.Like other industries, the sexy underwear industry should abide by relevant laws and regulations to ensure the personal safety and legitimate rights and interests of employees.The incident exposed the shortcomings of industry supervision, and relevant departments needed effective measures to protect female models and their privacy.

How to protect the privacy and image right of female models

To solve this problem, the sex underwear industry can start from the following aspects:

1. Strengthen the management of the fitting room and the studio

Test rooms and studios are places where female models are most likely to be photographed illegally, so the management of these places should be strengthened.Measures such as monitoring equipment, strengthening personnel inspections, and restricting others can protect the privacy of female models.

2. Establish a professional regulatory agency

The sex underwear industry should establish professional regulatory agencies, responsible for supervising and managing their internal personnel and workflows to ensure the personal safety and legitimate rights and interests of female models.Regulatory agencies can cooperate with various enterprises, professional associations and other units in the industry to form a complete regulatory system.

3. Strengthen employee education and training

Interest underwear companies should strengthen employees’ education and training, and improve their awareness of laws and regulations and professional moral literacy.Through training, staff can better understand the rights and interests of female models, so as to better protect their rights and interests.

4. Strengthen social supervision and public opinion guidance

The development of the sex underwear industry requires social understanding and support.By strengthening social supervision and public opinion guidance, consumers’ awareness of laws and regulations, maintaining their knowledge of rights and interests, and improving their self -protection awareness, thereby creating a good social atmosphere and environment for the protection of female model rights and interests.


The occurrence of Taobao sex underwear female models showing that there are still many shortcomings in the sexy underwear industry.In the future, relevant departments should strengthen the supervision and management of the industry, establish a sound regulatory system, and ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of female models are protected.At the same time, sexy underwear companies should also consciously bear the responsibility to protect female models, and protect the rights and security of female models through perfect internal management and strengthening employee education.

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