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INTRODUCTION: Know the sexy underwear shop

Interesting underwear stores are one of the service terminals provided by sex culture. It is a shop that sells a variety of sexy tight clothing to satisfy people’s desire for flirting, passion, and romantic love.Today’s sexy underwear stores not only sell women’s sexy underwear, but also provide a variety of male sexy underwear, role -playing costumes, SM props, and are committed to providing customers with a pleasant, relaxed, comfortable and exciting shopping experience.

Brand type: choice of taste and price

There are many different brands in sex underwear stores, some of which are famous brands, and their prices are expensive, but many people prefer these brands, thinking that they are the most fashionable, high -quality and durable.At the same time, there are also many brands with high cost performance in the market. In addition to the price -friendly people, they can also meet the different needs of customers.For those who often buy sexy underwear, choosing a brand is very important.

Style: Choose a style that suits your body

Customers with different figures are suitable for different styles.For example, for women who are petite, sexy tights, lace underwear, etc. are a good choice.Women with plump figures can choose some sexy and fleshy styles.Pay attention to the body proportions and color matching, so that you are more decent to put on underwear.

Material: Wear comfortable fabrics

Wearing comfortable fabrics is very important for protecting skin and physical health.To ensure the quality of the fabric, it can prevent allergic symptoms and skin diseases, while maintaining a comfortable feeling.If you have skin allergies, you should choose cotton fabrics.

Color: Put on your color

Everyone’s skin tone is different, so the color of dressing is also different.Choose the color and skin tone, don’t make your skin tone dim.Generally speaking, dark underwear is more sexy than light -colored underwear.In color, black and red are the first sexy colors.

Accessories: sexy and practical best choices

In addition to underwear, there will be some accessories such as stockings, gloves, hats, eye masks, etc.These accessories are not only a necessary tool for sex games, but also can wear a sexy match to wear a sense of advanced.In particular, jewelry such as gloves and stockings usually has the most basic protection effect.

Style cleaning: Avoid embarrassment

Maintaining sexy underwear is very important for maintaining the appearance and hygiene of clothing.Some styles need to be washed by hand, and some styles can be machine washed.Before cleaning, wash according to the instructions on the underwear to ensure the cleaning and hygiene of the underwear, and it will not gradually dispel or damage.

Scene: Use sexy underwear to embellish love life

Interest underwear can not only be worn in bedrooms or sex occasions, or in public.As long as it is not exposed.You can match other clothing with other clothing, such as a trench coat to wear a unique style.

Service: Professional sales service

Sales professionals in sexy underwear stores are crucial for customers.In addition to providing professional suggestions and knowledge, they can also help customers customize and adjust their clothing.Customers can make an appointment in advance and choose to go to the store for free experience and consultation.Let you feel professional, intimate and efficient services.

Conclusion: Make sexy and comfort to the end

The choice of sexy underwear is a very privatization process. Each person’s preferences and needs are different. You should choose according to various factors such as your body shape, size, personality and occasion.The selected sexy lingerie style, material and color should bring a sense of comfort, relaxation, satisfaction and happiness.The most important thing is not to treat sex underwear as items sold in the store, but like a part of life in life.

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