Spoiler spray perfume

Spoiler spray perfume

Interest underwear is a type of clothing that has attracted much attention in recent years, and often appears in sexy occasions and fun play.And for people who like to wear sexy underwear, how to make themselves more charming?This requires some tips.One of the techniques is to spray perfume on sexy underwear.Spray perfume can not only play a role in refreshing the brain, but also increase the sexy charm of sexy underwear and make you more charming.Let ’s take a look at the relevant knowledge of sexy underwear spray perfumes together.

Choose the right type of perfume

First of all, you should notice the appropriate aroma when choosing perfume.Everyone’s preference for aroma is different, so you need to choose a perfume that can add charm to themselves.Generally sexy underwear with flower fragrance can make people feel fresh, and fruity or tropical fragrance can make people feel more sexy.In addition, you should also pay attention to the durability of the aroma and choose perfume that can last long.

Pure plant formula is better

Secondly, you should choose a pure plant formula perfume.Compared with chemical synthetic perfumes, plant formula perfumes are more natural and can better protect the skin.This is especially important for people with sensitive skin.Choosing perfume with pure plant formula can better protect the skin, so that you can also enjoy a sense of relaxation while wearing sexy underwear.

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Spray an appropriate amount, don’t overdo it

Pay attention to the right amount when spraying perfume, do not overdo it.The purpose of spraying perfume is to increase the charm of sexy underwear, and excessive spraying can suffocate, and even cause reverse effects.Under normal circumstances, you only need to spray 3-4 times on the sexy underwear. Excessive spraying will make the fragrance pungent.

Choose the location of the perfume carefully

It is worth noting that the location of spraying perfume needs to be selected carefully.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to spray perfume on the edge, side, side of the hem of sex underwear, or skin when wearing.Because these positions are far away from yourself, it will not be too irritating.And spraying directly on the chest, waist and other parts will not only make the flavor too strong, but also affect the comfort of wearing.

Keep a certain distance from the skin

When spraying perfume, it is recommended to keep a certain distance from the skin.It can not only ensure the comfort of the skin, but also avoid excessive spraying.In general, the spray distance should be around 10-20cm, so that the fragrance can be exuded on the sexy underwear average.

Avoid mixing different perfumes

In addition, different perfumes should be avoided.After the mixing of different perfumes, it will not only make the fragrance pungent, but also make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing perfume, you should choose a perfume you like and insist on using the same perfume.

Don’t spray directly on the sexy underwear

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When spraying perfume, be careful not to spray directly at the sexy underwear.This will not only make the sexy underwear too moist, but also cause damage to the fabric.Therefore, it is recommended to spray the perfume on the skin and then wear a sexy underwear.

Spray perfume at the time of time

Finally, let’s talk about how to use perfume to enhance the temperament of sexy underwear.If you want to participate in the party, you can spray perfume on the sexy underwear in advance.This allows the fragrance to continue to exude, increasing its temperament and sexy.

In short, spraying perfume is a good way to increase the charm of sexy underwear.Through reasonable selection of perfumes, spraying in moderation, and carefully selection of spraying positions, etc., you can make you more sexy and charming when wearing sexy underwear.At the same time, don’t forget to protect the skin reasonably. Use pure plant formula perfumes to spray on the skin and sexy underwear to enjoy the comfort and relaxation.