Special omissions of sexy shirt

Special omissions of sexy shirt

Special omissions Instead of sexy underwear: Different sexy experiences

With the increasing level of openness of sex, the market market is becoming more and more hot.As one of the sex underwear, it is gradually loved by the public.The special omissions of sexy underwear are one of the more special styles. Let me introduce you to the special omission sexy underwear!

What is a special omissions and sexy underwear?

The leak -off sexy lingerie refers to a small hole or a completely exposed erotic underwear in the key parts.Compared with ordinary sexy underwear, the special leakage of sexy underwear is that the wearer can easily meet the needs of sexual life without taking off your underwear and bring a more intense experience to sex.

Special leakage of sexy underwear classification

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Depending on different styles and design, the sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.

1. Hollow -out underwear: Use hollow design in key parts, and has a certain visual impact on wearing.

2. Open underwear with ventilation holes: Plugs with ventilation holes in key parts to ensure the comfort of the wearer, but also meet the needs of sexual life.

3. Complete open underwear: completely open in key parts. Women can directly perform sexual behavior after wearing it to increase sexual interest.

The material of the omissions of the sexy underwear

Just like any other type of sexy underwear, there are many options for the material of the sexy underwear that are leaking off:

1. Polyester fiber and spandex material: This material is characterized by good breathability, comfortable to wear, and can be worn everyday.

2. Silk and lace material: The size and elasticity of this material are good. It fits the skin when wearing it, giving a soft feeling, which is very suitable for the material of sexy underwear.

3. Polyurethane/alloy/polyester material: This material is used by some high -end special materials, which can bring more beauty and stimuli, and also increase the value of sexy underwear.

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The choice of leakage of sexy underwear

For those who want to try to leak the sexy underwear, how to choose the style that is best for you?

1. Choose the material according to personal needs to ensure comfort and experience.

2. Select the appropriate size according to your body size, so as not to be uncomfortable to wear.

3. Choose styles according to your personality, hobbies and preferences to ensure that you are comfortable, confident and sexy.

How to use the sexy underwear for special leaks

For the first use of a special leakage sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Be sure to choose the right size.

2. Before use, please be carefully cleaned (especially wearing).

3. Please do not use a cleaner containing bleach, strong acid or strong alkali for cleaning.

The maintenance method of sexy underwear for leakage gears

If you want to tap the maximum value of the sexy underwear, reasonable maintenance is also very important.

1. Please wash according to the requirements of the underwear label.

2. Do not use high temperature water and powerful cleaner.

3. Use the drying machine to eliminate semi -dried water as much as possible before drying to avoid growing bacteria.

4. Please put it in a dry and clean place during storage, especially for underwear with metal or adjusting the ring.

The value of the sexy underwear is leaked

Like other types of sexy underwear, while material, the special leakage of the sexy underwear also brings deeper, more private, and more meaningful enjoyment experience.

Overall, the sexy underwear can really bring a different sexy experience.Wearing such a underwear, you can know and discover different self, and also make sexual life more colorful.