Son sells sexy underwear to my mother

Son sells sexy underwear to my mother

1. Son’s surprise

One day, I received a call from my son, and he told me happily, "Mom, I bought you a special gift, you will like it!"

2. First involved in fun shown

I am curious, what is this special gift?When I opened the box of the gift, I saw a pink underwear with many lace lace and bow.I was a little bit embarrassed, but my son explained to me that this was a sexy underwear.

3. Misunderstanding of sexy underwear

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I am no stranger to the word erotic underwear, but I always think they are specifically prepared for sex.However, now I know that sexy underwear is not just a prop to stimulate sexual life.

4. Explore the classification of sexy underwear

After some search, I found that the classification of sexy underwear is very rich.There are beautiful back underwear, ultra -thin underwear, sexy underwear, role -playing underwear and so on.Each type has its own design concept and way of dressing.

5. Sexy underwear of different materials

The materials of sexy underwear are also very diverse, including silk, lace, cotton, texture satin and so on.Each material has its own characteristics. For example, silk and lace usually feel softer and romantic, while texture satin gives a noble feeling.

6. Pursue comfort

I have to say that the comfort of sexy underwear is also very important.A good underwear must not only show the beautiful figure of women, but also make women feel confident and comfortable.Therefore, it is important to wear.

7. They are not just sexy symbols

The mystery of sex underwear is also one of its charm.Many women like to use sexy underwear as part of their private life, which gives them the opportunity to explore and express themselves.In addition, sexy underwear can also be used as a symbol of fashion and beauty, making women feel beautiful.



Although sexy underwear is no longer a strange and insignificant thing everyone thinks, some people are still too obsessed with them.These people may ignore the original intention of sexy underwear, over -chase stimuli and freshness, and do not pay attention to the feelings of the wearer.Although this situation is rare, it is also necessary to be vigilant.

9. What do you need to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear

For ordinary people, you need to pay attention to some details wearing sexy underwear.First, you should choose the type and material that suits you.Secondly, the size of the underwear is very important, and the appropriate size can make the underwear more comfortable and natural.Finally, cleaning and maintenance are also crucial, otherwise it will affect the wear experience.

10. General view

Interest underwear is not as good as everyone imagined, down, and strange.Of course, some people have too exaggerated or improper preferences for sexy underwear.As a symbol of fashion and beauty, we should pay more attention to the design concept and dressing experience of sexy underwear, and avoid excessive prejudice and vulgar imagination of sexy underwear.