Small and medium girls’ sexual relationship fun underwear

Small and medium girls' sexual relationship fun underwear

1 Introduction

In recent years, with the development of society and people’s requirements for the quality of life, sexy underwear has gradually become a part of fashion trends, especially among women.For small and medium girls, sexy lingerie is also a novel attempt. If you can choose correctly, you can better show your charm.

2. Select the right size

It is important to choose the right size when buying sexy underwear.Excessive or small underwear will make you feel uncomfortable and affect the beauty of clothes.Therefore, you need to measure your physical data before buying to ensure that the correct size is selected.

3. Understand your body shape

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Everyone’s body is different, so they need to understand their own shape.For some people, large chests can choose lingerie with larger cups. Some people can choose underwear such as lace and other underwear to increase charm.For small girls, you can choose sexy underwear with visual effects to better display.

4. Material and quality

When buying sexual emotional interesting underwear, materials and quality are very important.The first choice for soft, comfortable and breathable materials.In terms of quality, it is necessary to cut reasonable tailoring, exquisite lines, high -quality fabrics, and cups meet the requirements of ergonomics.

5. Selection of color

Girls usually consider color when buying sexy underwear.Different colors can show different temperament and style.Some light lines, such as pink, water blue, pale yellow, etc. can look quiet and elegant; dark color can look sexy and beautiful, such as black, red, blue, etc.

6. Style selection

When selecting sexual erotic underwear, you should buy appropriate styles according to personal needs and preferences.Common ones are briefs, T -shaped pants, seductive hollow, sling, and so on.It should be noted that the choice of style must meet your own body curve so that you can better show your charm.

7. The matching of accessories

With the appropriate accessories, the sexy underwear can be better displayed.You can choose some sexy and low -key necklaces, earrings and bracelets to increase the beauty of the entire dress.However, it should be noted that the choice of accessories should be used for mild materials to avoid scratching underwear or your own skin.


8. Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear is common sense, but many people do not know how to clean the underwear correctly.Some materials are not suitable for machine washing and requires hand washing.When cleaning, you should choose a neutral detergent, pay attention to coloring and classification.

9. Wearing skills

When wearing sexual relationship, you need to pay attention to some details.For example, you can soak underwear before wearing, so that you can better fit the body or better display the curve.When wearing underwear, you must also master some posture to better show your charm and figure.

10. Summary

In short, choosing sexual emotional and sexy underwear suitable for your own size, body shape, material and style can truly enhance your charm.Buying sex underwear should pay attention to quality, and at the same time with different accessories, correctly clean and maintain underwear, forming its own dressing style.As long as you wear and match correctly, you can add points to your image.