Skin strap socks sexy underwear

Skin strap socks sexy underwear

What is leather suspenders socks and sexy underwear

Leather strap socks are a very sexy underwear. They are usually made of leather, fish nets or other similar materials. Generally, they are composed of three parts: suspender, socks and skeleton.

Appearance and design

The design of leather strap socks is very sexy.The suspender will be hung on the shoulders, the entire underwear covers the chest, exposing the waist, waist and hip, and the socks will extend to the thigh or above the knee, forming a very tempting visual effect.


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Because the leather strap socks are very tight and wrapped the entire body, it can perfectly show the body curve and improve a person’s self -confidence and sexual attractiveness.At the same time, due to poor ventilation of underwear, it may lead to some discomfort.

Suitable occasion

Leather strap socks are very suitable for attending some sexy parties, or wearing in a private situation.In addition, some sexy performances, photography and filming may also choose such underwear.

Suitable body

Leather strap socks are usually tighter, so it is suitable for women with long body and beautiful body curves.If your body is not coordinated, you can choose other forms of sexy underwear.


Pay attention to some matters in wearing leather strap socks.In order to avoid allergies or other uncomfortable symptoms, some moisturizers should be applied to the skin.In addition, in the process of dressing, it should be ensured that the underwear should not be too tight to avoid affecting blood circulation.

How to match

Leather strap socks are very suitable for high -heeled shoes, which can better show a beautiful curve.In addition, with some sexy accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets, can enhance the overall sexy attraction.

Sexy Costumes

Popularity and popularity

Compared with other types of sexy underwear, leather strap socks have low popularity.But with the opening of society and changes in sexual concepts, more and more people have accepted this type of underwear, which has also continued to increase its popularity.

Maintenance and maintenance

Leather strap socks are usually made of high -end materials such as leather, so special maintenance and maintenance is needed.After use, you should immediately wipe it with a clean cloth and store in a dry and ventilated place.In addition, you should avoid rubbing and contact with other clothes.

Price and brand

Because leather strap sock socks require higher production technology and materials, the price is more expensive.Different brands and different design styles will be different.The well -known brands on the market are Victoria ’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Chantelle, etc.


Skin strap sock socks are a sexy and seductive underwear, which need to be worn on appropriate occasions and suitable figures.When choosing, in addition to considering prices and brands, you should pay more attention to comfort and quality, and need certain maintenance and maintenance.