Shu Qi sexy underwear catwalk show 43 minutes

Shu Qi sexy underwear catwalk show 43 minutes

Shu Qi sexy underwear catwalk show 43 minutes

Shu Qi is one of the queens in the Chinese film industry. The beautiful goddess once stunned countless audiences.Recently, she appeared on the sexy underwear show, which caused great interest in people.This time Shu Qi’s sexy underwear catwalk lasted for 43 minutes, which was dazzling.Let’s take a look at the wonderful content of this sexy underwear catwalk.

The first set of styles: red lace sexy underwear

The first set of sexy underwear wearing Shu Qi was a seductive red lace suit, which attracted everyone’s attention.This set of sexy underwear uses high -quality lace fabrics, making the whole clothes very soft and comfortable, and at the same time exudes a seductive atmosphere.

The second set of styles: black hollow and fun underwear

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Immediately afterwards, Shu Qi changed into a set of black hollow erotic lingerie. This underwear design was unique and could show the body of women.Shu Qi put on this underwear, and the whole person looked more sexy and seductive. The exposed skin and the beauty of the underwear itself made people feel exciting.

The third set of styles: white lace sexy underwear

The third set of sexy lingerie is a very charming white lace suit. It uses a superb handmade sewing process to make the whole underwear feel very good.Shu Qi put on this set of sexy underwear, as if it became an angel existence, which made people feel enthusiastic.

The fourth set of styles: purple three -point sexy lingerie

The fourth set of sexy underwear in Shu Qi is a purple three -point suit with a very elegant temperament.This underwear design can highlight the curve of women, making people want to find out after watching it.Shu Qi put on this underwear, which was even more intoxicating.

Fifth set of styles: Black stockings Instead underwear

In Shu Qi’s sexy underwear catwalk, a black stockings also put on a black stockings. This stockings made the whole catwalk look more attractive.Coupled with the dark hair color and delicate makeup, Shu Qi is more glorious, attracting the attention of a large number of fans.

Sixth set of styles: golden strap sexy underwear

The sixth set of sexy underwear is a golden sling style. Women put on this underwear and look very noble and gorgeous.Shu Qi put it into a sexy and seductive look, and it was difficult to resist.

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Seventh set of styles: blue lace sexy underwear

Blue is a color that is rarely used on sexy underwear. However, this set of blue lace sexy underwear wearing this set of blue lace shows a unique beauty.This set of interesting lingerie is unique and lace lace design is exquisitely designed, and it almost shows Shu Qi’s perfect figure.

Eighth set of styles: black skin sexy underwear

Black leather sexy underwear has always been a representative of sexy and personality. Shu Qi’s black leather sexy underwear fully reflects this.The gloss of the leather fabric is combined with the perfect curve on Shu Qi, which makes people worship.

Ninth set style: pink lace sexy underwear

The last set of erotic underwear is a pink lace suit with a gentle and soft color, and the shiny diamond decoration makes the whole set of erotic lingerie look full of women’s romance and charm.Shu Qi put on this underwear and perfectly interpreted the concept of "temperament+sexy".


Shu Qi’s erotic underwear catwalk is a combination of glamorous and elegant, showing the charm and beauty of women.Through this sexy underwear catwalk, we can better understand the design and matching of love underwear, and hope to bring some inspiration to those who like sexy underwear.