Show your husband’s sexy underwear

Show your husband's sexy underwear

Choose the right sexy underwear

As a woman, we all hope to leave a deep impression on our other half at an important moment, or add a little naughty romantic atmosphere to some special days.At this time, choosing a set of sexy erotic underwear is a good choice.

However, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the choice of size and style. It is best to accurately measure your body size, and choose underwear suitable for your body to avoid uncomfortable or unsightly.

Sexy style recommendation

If you want to show your sexy charm in erotic underwear, you can choose design elements such as revealing back, lace lace to make yourself look more sexy.In addition, black sexy underwear is also a good choice. It can not only highlight your figure, but also add a sense of mystery.

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Romantic style recommendation

In addition to sexy styles, there are also some romantic erotic underwear that is also suitable for wearing in some special days. For example, pure white sexy underwear, it can make you look more pure and delicate, let your other half feel youGentle and cute.

In addition, pink sexy underwear is also a good choice, which is both romantic and cute.Different styles and colors of underwear allow you to show your charm on different occasions.

Falling underwear suitable for all occasions

Different erotic underwear needs to be worn in different occasions.For example, in ordinary days, you can choose some simple underwear styles to make yourself look more gentle and natural.In the case of high requirements for sex, you can choose some sexy and bold styles to make the other half more excited.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Once we buy a suitable sexy underwear, we also need to maintain it well to prolong its service life.Washing of underwear requires special detergents to avoid damaging fabrics and design elements.At the same time, underwear also needs to avoid sunlight and rubbing, so as not to affect the beauty and comfort of the underwear.

Passive and active performance

When showing sexy underwear, there are two passive and active performance methods.

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Passive refers to showing underwear by usual wear, such as wearing a relaxed shirt or loose jacket, so that you can walk around or turn your body beautifully and comfortably, and let the other half see your underwear, details, and shapes.This method is more subtle, suitable for those who are more shy, confident or neutral.

The initiative means to show yourself by wearing sexy sexy underwear, such as twisting your body on the bed, putting on a variety of sexy postures, using sound or action to seduce the other half, and so on.This method is relatively direct, suitable for women who are more confident, cheerful, or have strong desire.

Pay attention to security and confidentiality

Whether it is showing erotic underwear or sex, security and confidentiality are very important.When wearing sexy underwear, be careful not to let others see and keep personal hygiene cleaning.At the same time, when sexual sex, use condoms and avoid being carried out in unsafe environments to avoid physical damage or information leakage.

How to choose and buy sexy underwear

There are many ways to choose and buy sexy underwear.You can buy a professional sex shop or offline store, or you can find related websites or social platforms on the Internet to buy.However, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose a regular store or platform to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.


In general, choosing the right sexy underwear is a very private and personal thing. It is recommended that women should fully consider their figure, personality and preferences when choosing to make underwear better show their charm andStyle, brings good and romantic memories to yourself and the other half.